Engine Brake Facts Quiz
by Staff
Engine brakes are different than standard brakes. How knowledgeable are you on engine brakes. Take this quiz and find out!

Where are engine brakes used?

  • Semitrailers
  • Buses
  • All of the above

Engine brakes are notorious for:

  • Being noisy
  • Being ineffective
  • All of the above

How do engine brake reduce the occurrence of break failure?

  • By using the engine to slow the rig
  • By employing the parking brake
  • None of the above

Why are engine brakes useful?

  • They increase the effectiveness of braking
  • They save money by reducing wear and tear
  • They increase safety
  • All of the above

What types of brakes slow light duty, diesel powered vehicles quickly?

  • Exhaust brakes
  • Compressed air brakes
  • Emergency brakes
  • All of the above

Where are exhaust brakes typically mounted?

  • On the outlet side of the turbocharger
  • On the truck piston
  • On the truck brake pad

Which brake is noisier?

  • Exhaust brakes
  • Engine brakes
  • None of the above

Exhaust brakes are designed to be used:

  • For emergencies only
  • All of the time
  • Sparingly

When are engine brakes used?

  • In stop-and-go traffic
  • On downhill grades
  • All of the above

Aside from truck, where are engine brake also used?

  • Commercial buses
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Off-highway equipment
  • All of the above