The Ultimate Estate Sales Quiz
by Staff
Regardless of the circumstances, disposing of a lifetime's worth of possessions is an enormous task. Take this quiz and see how much you know about estate sales.

What is another name for an estate sale?

  • tag sale
  • garage sale
  • used furniture sale

How are estate sales different from garage sales?

  • Garage sales are for worthless items.
  • Estate sales are to liquidate an entire home.
  • Garage sales are for baby items.

What is the fee to use a company?

  • 10 to 15 percent
  • 20 to 25 percent
  • 25 to 35 percent

How can you locate an estate sale?

  • newspaper advertisements
  • neighborhood signs
  • both answers

How does an estate sales professional show precious jewels?

  • The jewels will be shown by request only.
  • The jewels will be securely displayed.
  • Jewels are not sold at estate sales.

What is a liquidation sale?

  • A liquidation is sale to raise cash for debt payments.
  • A liquidation sale is to move inventory.
  • A liquidation sale is for low end items.

Why should you hire a professional?

  • Organizing an estate sale is a huge task.
  • Professionals may save you time and money.
  • both answers

What should I require from an estate sale company?

  • licensed
  • bonded
  • both answers

What does bonded mean?

  • insurance
  • cleared by police
  • licensed

Other than a death, why might someone hold an estate sale?

  • bankruptcy
  • far away move
  • both answers

Who may attend an estate sale?

  • open to the public
  • by invitation only
  • must qualify first

How will you know the price of an item?

  • Items will be marked.
  • A price list will be available.
  • You may ask the person in charge.

Is it an acceptable practice to offer a lower price for an item?

  • only for items under $100
  • acceptable
  • silent auction bids only

Do estate sales offer high end items?

  • jewelry only
  • no high end items
  • everything and anything

What is a silent auction?

  • auction without sound
  • written bidding
  • jewelry auction

What is an appraisal company?

  • insurance company
  • experts at valuing items
  • licensing company

How much does it cost to meet with an estate sales company and a professional look at the items you have to sell?

  • $0
  • $200
  • $400

If I hire a company that charges a lower commission, why does this not guarantee I will make more money?

  • The lower commission company may spend less on advertising the sale.
  • The lower commission company may have less experience with presenting the sale.
  • both answers

What should you do with the leftover items?

  • Donate to charity.
  • Store for next sale.
  • Throw away.

Who cleans up after the estate sale?

  • the estate sale company
  • the home owner
  • the buyers