Get Fit With Flawless Skin
by Staff
The flawless skin of that fitness model isn’t just a coincidence (or Photoshop). There are many benefits for the skin in exercising. Take our quiz to find out.

What is the body’s largest organ?

  • heart
  • lung
  • skin

What aspect of exercising improves skin’s appearance?

  • blood circulation
  • sweat
  • increase of body temperature

Physical activity creates ideal conditions for skin to produce what?

  • vitamin D
  • collagen
  • proteins

What is the primary cause of wrinkles?

  • lack of muscle tone
  • lack of skin moisture
  • sun damage

If you have a skin condition such as Rosacea, in what conditions is it recommended that you work out?

  • cool conditions
  • hot conditions
  • It doesn’t matter.

How does exercise lessen stress?

  • keeps your joints limber
  • lowers cortisol level
  • affects your cerebellum positively

Can exercises tone facial muscles and help with wrinkles?

  • Yes. The stronger the facial muscles, the less likely wrinkles will form.
  • No. Weak facial muscles are not the cause of wrinkles.
  • It depends on the facial exercises.

Why does increased blood flow benefit the skin?

  • helps nourish skin cells
  • carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin
  • Both answers are correct.

To benefit your skin while working out, you should try to avoid:

  • sun exposure
  • fragrant lotions
  • cotton workout clothes

Since perspiration can unclog pores, working out can relieve some people of which of the following skin conditions?

  • psoriasis
  • acne
  • eczema