Exotic Car Quiz
by Staff
Exotic cars inspire a legion of car enthusiasts to empty their wallets for a taste of life in the fast lane. Will you be at the front of the pack after racing through the exotic car quiz?

What's the most expensive American car ever sold?

  • 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake
  • 1967 Shelby GT 500
  • 2007 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

The Bugatti Veyron, the world's fastest car, has how much horsepower?

  • 800 horsepower
  • 900 horsepower
  • 1,000 horsepower

The Bugatti Veyron burns how many gallons of gasoline each hour?

  • 20
  • 40
  • 80

What's the name of the car that starred in the hit show "Knight Rider"?

  • batmobile
  • K.I.T.T.
  • Herbie

What government body establishes the standards a car has to meet to be deemed "street legal"?

  • Federal Highway Administration
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Department of Homeland Security

What car served as the time machine in the "Back to the Future" movies?

  • Datsun 280 ZX Turbo
  • Mustang GT
  • DeLorean DMC-12

Which of the following cars is a street-legal F1 car?

  • DeLorean DMC-12
  • the Caparo T1
  • Porsche Carrera GT

Which of the following is not one of the ways manufacturers make their cars faster?

  • increase horsepower
  • tamper with odometers
  • reduce the weight

Which of the following can the Caparo T1 not do?

  • drive legally on the road
  • drive through a tunnel upside down
  • reach speeds of 60 mph (97 kph) in under two seconds.

How many seconds does it take the Ariel Atom to reach 60 mph (97 kph)?

  • two
  • three
  • four