From Servals to Pythons: The Exotic Pets Quiz
by Staff
Lots of people have cats and dogs, but a few adventurous pet owners crave something a little less common. Do you prefer a raccoon to a retriever or a squirrel to a Siamese cat? If so, test your knowledge with this quiz.

The<i> Tamandua tetradactyla</i> is sometimes kept as an exotic pet. What is the common name of this animal?

  • armadillo
  • acouchi
  • anteater

Which exotic pet is native to central and western Africa and can live up to 30 years?

  • badger
  • ball python
  • brown capuchin

This exotic pet will NOT thrive in temperatures over 78 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) or in humidity over 40 percent.

  • chinchillas
  • cockatoo
  • chameleon

True or false: The overpopulation of captive bred or exotic pet desert tortoises is managed by releasing them back into the wild.

  • true
  • false

Which exotic pet can live up to 100 years?

  • eastern box turtle
  • eastern boa constrictor
  • eastern cotton tail rabbit

Which exotic pet has the Latin name<i> Mustela putorius furo</i>, which translates to "smelly little thief"?

  • fox
  • finch
  • ferret

Which exotic pet can shed its tail if grabbed by a predator?

  • gerbil
  • gecko
  • guinea pig

Which exotic pet is covered with roughly 7,000 quills?

  • hedgehog
  • hamster
  • honey badger

This popular exotic pet excretes excess saline through its nostrils.

  • indri
  • ibis
  • iguana

Which rare exotic pet was once a mascot for British military forces?

  • jumping spider
  • jerboa
  • jumping mouse

Which exotic pet is nicknamed the "honey bear"?

  • koala
  • kaffir cat
  • kinkajou

Which animal is kept as an exotic pet in parts of Asia but is illegal in the U.S.?

  • loris
  • llama
  • least chipmunk

Which exotic pet lays 100 eggs or more in its nest?

  • macaw
  • millipedes
  • monitor lizard

Newts are often kept as exotic pets. Which animal class do newts belong to?

  • amphibian
  • reptile
  • fish

Which of the following exotic pets is an invertebrate?

  • opossum
  • ostrich
  • octopus

True or false: Potbellied pigs, which are occasionally kept as exotic pets, are susceptible to sunburn.

  • true
  • false

Which exotic pet is native to the grasslands and open woodlands of North America?

  • quokka
  • quetzal
  • quail

For which exotic pet is a male called a buck and a female called a doe?

  • raccoons
  • rabbits
  • red squirrels

Which of the following exotic pets is a marsupial?

  • sugar glider
  • skink
  • Smith's bush squirrel

Many species of tarantula are kept as exotic pets, so what type of diet do the spiders have?

  • herbivore
  • omnivore
  • carnivore

Which exotic pet is native to the northern Sahara Desert?

  • Uinta ground squirrel
  • <i>Uromastyx</i> lizard
  • uakari monkey

Which exotic pet has the scientific name <i>Lagostomus maximus</i>?

  • viscacha
  • vervet monkey
  • vole

The newborn babies of this exotic pet are the size of a jelly bean.

  • woodchuck
  • wallaby
  • wapiti

Which of these exotic pets require an aquarium?

  • xantus
  • <i>Xerus</i>
  • X-ray tetras

Which exotic pet is featured as the character Zazu in the movie "The Lion King"?

  • yellow-billed hornbill
  • yellow-headed caracara
  • yellow-billed stork

Which exotic pet often is used in medical research?

  • zebra fish
  • zorilla
  • zebra finch

The females of which exotic pet develop eggs inside their bodies but give birth to live young?

  • bluebird
  • bullfrogs
  • boa constrictors

Which activity cycle do hamsters follow?

  • nocturnal
  • crepuscular
  • diurnal

True or false: Fainting goats do not actually lose consciousness.

  • true
  • false

This exotic pet can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour) in the wild.

  • sand lizard
  • skunk
  • serval