The Ultimate Fainting Goat Quiz
by Staff
The name fainting goat may seem a bit weird, but it's not some kind of animal joke. Take this quiz to learn more about the goats that faint.

Why do these particular goats faint?

  • prone to fright
  • weak-hearted
  • congenital medical condition

What is myotonia congenita?

  • Weak heart that loses beats when the goat is surprised.
  • The muscles tense when the goat is startled and don't relax immediately.
  • It’s a condition similar to asthma that cuts off air supply when the goat is startled.

What happens as the goats grow older?

  • Fall over less.
  • Fall over more
  • Fall onto their hind parts.

Technically how does myotonia congenita work?

  • The legs suddenly relax instead of tensing.
  • After the muscles receive signals from the brain to tense up, there is a long delay until the orders to relax.
  • The brains sends mixed signals to the muscles causing the goat to lose balance.

What gene is affected by myotonia congenita?

  • Nitrogen Hippocampus
  • Sodium Hypothalmus
  • Chloride Channel 1

What does this gene do?

  • produces proteins
  • transmits brain signals
  • controls strength of muscles

What relays brain's message for muscles to contract?

  • positively charged sodium ions
  • negatively charged sodium ions
  • neutral chloride ions

What relays the relaxing message?

  • negatively charged sodium ions
  • positively charged chloride ions
  • negatively charged chloride ions

How does myotonia congenita mess up the process?

  • It increases the amount of sodium carrying contacting orders.
  • It causes a shortage of chloride carrying the relaxing messages.
  • It diverts the chloride ions to other parts of the body.

How much pain does the goat experience during a "fainting" episode.

  • They don't feel pain.
  • The pain is brief but intense.
  • They exhibit signs of embarrassment but only a little pain.

What does the Humane Society have to say about selective breeding of fainting goats?

  • They are very disturbed.
  • They are lobbying to legislate against the breeding of fainting goats.
  • They are not overly concerned.

Is myotonia contagious?

  • highly contagious
  • no
  • only in mating season

How well does the fainting goat survive in nature?

  • it doesn't
  • only in Asia and Europe
  • reasonably well

What is unnatural selection?

  • It is cross-breeding of different species.
  • It is any form of genetic engineering
  • It is human intervention to ensure survival of weaker animals.

When did the myotonia congenita begin to emerge as a distinct breed?

  • 1880
  • 1930
  • 1960

Why would a farmer raise a herd of fainting goats?

  • Their upkeep costs less.
  • They are easier to control.
  • They live longer.

Can the fainting goat be used for meat in light of the excessive muscular tensing?

  • The meat is tougher and not very popular.
  • They are used for milking not for meat.
  • They supply meat that is leaner and more plentiful.

Why were fainting goats used at one time to accompany herds of sheep?

  • When the herd was attacked the goat would faint and become an easy kill while the herd escaped.
  • It's antics would keep the herd alert for danger.
  • If the herd were attacked the fainting goat would freeze of faint thereby scaring off the predator.

What other purpose do fainting goats serve?

  • to test noise levels
  • for scientific research
  • for amusement

How many myotonia congenita goats are there in the United States?

  • 2,000 to 3,000
  • 3,000 to 5,000
  • 5,000 to 7,000