The Ultimate Fair Trade Quiz
by Staff
If you love coffee you are likely aware of the fair trade movement and what goals it is trying to achieve. This movement is responsible for improving the lives of thousands of farmers and workers in underdeveloped countries. Take our quiz to test your understanding how fair trade helps people.

What is the goal of the fair trade movement?

  • enable free trade
  • stop free trade
  • get more money to poor farmers

What kind of impact do fair trade practices have on the consumer?

  • Fair trade practices have no noticeable direct impact on a consumer.
  • Fair trade practices will result in consumers choosing to pay a bit more for their purchases.
  • Fair trade practices mean that a consumer will pay slightly less for a fair trade product because of reduced tariffs.

What is an argument between proponents of free trade and proponents of fair trade?

  • Fair trade advocates want international trade with little if any regulation, free trade advocates want regulation to insure fairness.
  • There is no argument, as both groups have the same fundamental goals.
  • Fair trade advocates want fair prices set on products and regulation to establish percentages that go to farmers.

What is one of the key criticisms of globalization?

  • A criticism is that a global trade system will hurt local level workers.
  • A criticism is that with power centralized at an international level will penalize local workers in poor countries.
  • Both of the above are true of concerns about globalization.

When did the modern fair trade movement begin?

  • 1950s
  • 1960s
  • 1970s

When did fair trade advocates start making a difference in proceeds going to poor farmers by educating consumers to buy certified fair trade products?

  • late 1970s
  • late 1980s
  • early 1990s

What is one of the most widespread and well-known fair trade items?

  • fair trade wine
  • fair trade tobacco
  • fair trade coffee

In 2001, when coffee was priced at a record low price of 45 cents a pound, what price was fair trade coffee selling for a pound?

  • $1.21 a pound
  • 98 cents a pound
  • 85 cents a pound

What was the name of the Dutch ATO that first proposed a labeling system to help mainstream products without compromising consumer trust in humanitarian efforts?

  • Duchess
  • Solidaridad
  • Broeder

What is the primary function of Fair Trade International (FLO) on behalf of its many member organizations?

  • The FLO oversees fair trade certification on the production end by inspecting and ensuring facility compliance.
  • The FLO makes sure small farms supplying products follow basic environmental, health, safety and human rights regulations.
  • Both of the above are functions of the FLO.

What is the name of a large fair trade labeling organization in the United States that works with the FLO to handle product labeling?

  • JavaFair USA
  • TransFair USA
  • FairBall USA

What is the extra money sometimes charged on fair trade products and that is used specifically for improving local conditions called?

  • social premium
  • communal levy
  • compassion toll

What is a feature of many fair trade products that helps to encourage people to purchase them even for a premium price?

  • Fair trade products are often superior in quality because of improved farming practices.
  • Fair trade products are very often certified organic.
  • Both of the above are true statements about fair trade certified products.

What is a frequent complaint voiced by most of the critics of fair trade?

  • Critics feel that fair trade prices artificially inflate prices above market value without addressing real problems.
  • Critics feel extra money goes to producers doing nothing to insure their farms or manufacturing facilities are properly managed.
  • Both of the above are typical complaints voiced by critics of fair trade.

What is the approximate number of farmers worldwide that fair trade benefits?

  • more than 980,000
  • more than 800,000
  • more than 500,000