An Easy Way to Lose an Argument: Fallacious Fallacies Quiz
by Staff
Fallacies make your arguments weak, and learning to avoid these reasoning failures can make you a better speaker and give you the edge over friends and family when it comes to winning a debate. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of fallacies forthright and subtle.

The tu quoque fallacy is also known by this name.

  • not-you
  • you-too
  • he-who

Which of these is an example of tu quoque?

  • a drug addict who encourages drug use
  • a drug addict who hides his drug use
  • a drug addict who tells you to avoid drugs

Stealing someone's lunch because she stole yours is an example of this fallacy.

  • ad hominem
  • ad crumenam
  • ad consensus

What does "ad hominem" mean?

  • to argue
  • by the book
  • to the person

What is another name for ad baculum?

  • scare tactic
  • anthropomorphism
  • equivocation

If you fall down the stairs, you're out of shape. You're out of shape, so you're going to fall down the stairs. This is an example of …

  • denying the consequence
  • affirming the consequent
  • affirming the antecedent

My mom smokes a pack a day, and she's super healthy. This is an example of …

  • circumstantial evidence
  • anecdotal evidence
  • quibbling

Which of these is an appeal to authority?

  • There are aliens because NASA says so.
  • There are aliens because you can't prove they don’t exist.
  • There are aliens because my dad says so.

Line-drawing occurs when an argument has this quality.

  • threats
  • passion
  • vagueness

If Hillary Clinton responds to questions about her email security with pictures of her grandchildren, she is …

  • avoiding the issue
  • begging the question
  • quibbling

What is ad crumenam an appeal to?

  • life
  • money
  • emotion

What is a fallacy called that assigns human qualities to inanimate objects?

  • fanciful
  • elaborate
  • pathetic

Buying a Lexus because that's the car you've always bought before is an example of …

  • appeal to odds
  • gambler's fallacy
  • appeal to traditional wisdom

An issue that distracts from a relevant argument goes by this color.

  • blue
  • red
  • green

What is ad novitatem also known as?

  • gambler's fallacy
  • tokenism
  • appeal to novelty

Which of these is NOT another name for a false dilemma?

  • false dichotomy
  • false front
  • black-or-white

"Windshield wipers cause car accidents" is an example of this fallacy.

  • common cause
  • hypostatization
  • tokenism

What is another name for an ad populum fallacy?

  • appeal to money
  • appeal to emotion
  • appeal to the people

Arguing that a whole takes on the qualities of its parts is an example of this fallacy.

  • composition
  • division
  • quibbling

Which is an example of the composition fallacy?

  • I have two of these, so both must be the same.
  • These bricks are cheap, so the entire brick wall must be cheap to build.
  • This wall is strong, so each brick must be strong.

Which of these is the opposite of composition fallacy?

  • multiplication fallacy
  • addition fallacy
  • division fallacy

What fallacy is nicknamed the "Disney fallacy"?

  • anthropomorphism
  • equivocation
  • ad baculum

Which of these is an example of anthropomorphism?

  • My dog knows I love him because he runs to greet me.
  • Nature is cruel.
  • This copier hates me because it keeps jamming.

Which of these fallacies involves switching the meaning of a term midargument?

  • red herring
  • equivocation
  • tokenism

Believing a certain number is "due" in the lottery is an example of this fallacy.

  • gambler's fallacy
  • law of independent trials
  • economic fallacy

Speaking of the universe or nature in concrete terms is an example of this fallacy.

  • ad hominem
  • hypostatization
  • quibbling

Believing that a small typo negates an entire written argument is an example of this fallacy.

  • avoiding the issue
  • quibbling
  • appeal to authority

Nostradamus believers are guilty of this fallacy.

  • false prophet
  • red herring
  • sharpshooter

Claiming you're not cheap because you bought a round of drinks that one time is an example of this fallacy.

  • anthropomorphism
  • tokenism
  • ad crumenam

"The devil made me do it" is an example of this fallacy.

  • unfalsifiability
  • ad numerum
  • avoiding the issue