The Fallout Video Game Quiz
by Staff
Strap on your Pip-Boy and crack open a cold Nuka Cola, it's time for a "Fallout" quiz.

What is the name of the town in "Fallout 3" with an undetonated atomic bomb at its center?

  • White Sands
  • Megaton
  • Albertville

What are the blue-skinned super mutants known for using Stealth Boys called?

  • nightkin
  • star mutants
  • gremlins

Who is the creator of the super mutants and primary villain of "Fallout?"

  • the Master
  • Mutant Prime
  • General Atomics International

Ghouls are undead creatures.

  • TRUE

The weapon that launches mini nukes is called…

  • Enola Gay
  • Fat Man
  • Nukapult

What are the human-like androids in "Fallout 4" called?

  • synths
  • replicants
  • droids

What is the name of the card game you can play in "Fallout: New Vegas?"

  • Vegas Hold 'Em
  • Caravan
  • Russian Deathclaw

The political entity that covers most of the west coast of the former United States is called the…

  • California Confederacy
  • Western States Alliance
  • New California Republic

What does FEV stand for?

  • Finnus Exelcius Vox
  • Firearm Excellence Verification
  • Forced Evolutionary Virus

What tabletop pen-and-paper role-playing game was "Fallout" originally based on?

  • Rolemaster

What is the secret true purpose of the Vaults?

  • They're actually spacecraft built by aliens.
  • to conduct experiments on the people living in them
  • to imprison political dissidents

The dog companion in "Fallout 4" is named…

  • Dogmeat
  • Bitey
  • Rolf

Which Vault is the original Vault Dweller in "Fallout" from?

  • Vault 77
  • Vault 13
  • Vault 1

What company manufactures many of the robots found in "Fallout," including the Mr. Handy and Protectron models?

  • Wilson Automatoys
  • Med-Tek
  • RobCo Industries

How did Diamond City get its name?

  • It's build inside Fenway Park, a baseball stadium.
  • A mysterious tower of solid diamond stands at its center.
  • It's the center of the black market diamond trade in the Commonwealth.

What does Rad-X do?

  • remove accumulated radiation from a person
  • increase a person's resistance to radiation
  • cause a melee weapon to deliver additional radiation damage

What's the name of the DJ at Galaxy News Radio in the Capital Wasteland in "Fallout 3?"

  • Super Soul
  • DJ Radcat
  • Three Dog

The group with a religious hierarchy and an abiding interest in technology is known as the Brotherhood of...

  • Mariposa
  • Man
  • Steel

What's the name of the settlement built inside an abandoned aircraft carrier in "Fallout 3?"

  • Starboard City
  • Rivet City
  • USS Harry Truman

"Fallout: New Vegas" culminates with a battle. Where is the battle fought?

  • Hoover Dam
  • the Grand Canyon
  • Newgate Prison

What might happen if you use too many chems?

  • You might develop resistance to a specific type of chem, causing it to no longer have any effect on you.
  • You might transform into a super mutant.
  • You might become addicted to chems and suffer a penalty (and possibly blurred vision) until you're cured.

What is Grognak?

  • a barbarian
  • a space wizard
  • a feral ghoul

What is the name of the town you found at the end of "Fallout?"

  • Arroyo
  • New Vaultland
  • Bridge City

What does GECK stand for?

  • Guardian Echelon, Civilian Knights
  • Garden of Eden Creation Kit
  • Golf Echo Charley Kilo

What is the catch phrase used in most "Fallout" trailers and introductory sequences?

  • "The future is bright." (followed by an atomic bomb blast)
  • "War … war never changes."
  • "Explore the world … if it doesn’t kill you first."

The secret project to create clean water in "Fallout 3" is called…

  • Project Quench
  • Operation Mongoose
  • Project Purity

What perk causes a mysterious stranger to sometimes appear and help you in combat?

  • Bloody Mess
  • Black Widow
  • Mysterious Stranger

Who is the secretive ruler of New Vegas?

  • Robert House, founder of RobCo Industries
  • Caesar, ruler of Caesar's Legion
  • Elder Elijah, founder of the Brotherhood of Steel

What acronym spells out a "Fallout" character's base abilities?


What is the dark secret of the Ultra Luxe Casino?

  • The owners are cannibals who kill and eat the guests.
  • The staff are all synths who don't know they're synths.
  • It's built on top of an atomic bomb with a timer no one knows how to stop.