Where's the bear? Family Camping Trip Preparedness Quiz
by Staff
"Be Prepared" is the Boy Scout motto, and is critical when going on a camping trip whether in the middle of the wilderness or at a family campground. Take this quiz to see how geared up you are for the great outdoors!

What is key gear to have on a family camping trip?

  • folding saw
  • first aid kit
  • both items

When camping with children, what's a good communication guideline?

  • Give each person a whistle.
  • Make sure everyone has a cell phone.
  • Don't let them out of your sight.

True or False: If you need additional drinking water while camping, use the nearest stream.

  • TRUE

When camping in winter climates, what reduces your body's heat and warmth the quickest?

  • loss of body heat due to wind
  • absorption of the cold when sitting or sleeping on cold surfaces
  • Both are equally bad.

What should you NOT do if you are lost in the woods while camping?

  • Follow a river or creek.
  • Blow a whistle or yell.
  • Climb a tree.

What is a good use for plastic bags in an emergency situation?

  • Blow them up as a flotation device.
  • Use them as a signaling device.
  • Wave them to distract and scare a bear.

True or False: If a bear is acting like it is going to attack you, it's a good idea to toss your backpack at the animal.

  • TRUE

True or False: You want to pitch your tent close to your campfire site for warmth.

  • TRUE

What's the recommended distance between your tent and your fire and food preparation area?

  • 10 feet (3 meters)
  • 50 feet (15 meters)
  • 100 feet (30 meters)

True or False: Long pants and shirts are better for hiking than shorts and T-shirts.

  • TRUE

A first aid kit should contain which of the following?

  • razor blades
  • needle
  • thread

What are the correct safety guidelines for building a campfire?

  • Build close to a tree for a convenient supply of bark or kindling.
  • Enclose fire in a metal ring or circle of rocks.
  • Have a bucket of sand close by for putting out the fire.

True or False: Children lose water more frequently than adults.

  • TRUE

During a dry season or fire-hazard period, how should you handle cooking while camping?

  • You shouldn't camp during a fire-hazard period.
  • Use a portable stove.
  • Use only dehydrated meals where you just add water.

What is NOT something you do if you are spotted by a bear?

  • Assume a non-threatening position.
  • Run downhill.
  • Talk in a calm voice.

What is giardia lamblia?

  • the scientific classification for ticks
  • a parasite found in rivers
  • the technical name for poison ivy

When camping in winter climates, what does NOT help with cold conduction?

  • a warm campfire
  • a campstool
  • a sleeping pad

When camping with your family, your communication plan should include:

  • the buddy system
  • a cell phone
  • Morse code

True or False: Your tent is the best place for food storage because you can zip it closed.

  • TRUE

When camping, who should know your itinerary?

  • your boss
  • your doctor
  • your neighbor