The Ultimate Family Furnishing Quiz
by Staff
There is nothing as noble as the prominent display of family heirlooms, trophies, photographs and artwork. And there is nothing as ignoble as the cluttered and haphazard manner in which this is often done. See whether you belong to the noble few by taking this quiz.

How can you showcase your children's artwork and family photographs using good taste?

  • Find the common theme, frame them and display them on a well-lit shelf.
  • Use one wall for the photographs and another for the artwork.
  • Tack them onto a corkboard with a random mix of artwork and photographs.

Where is a good area of your home to hang family mementos?

  • on an exterior wall, so that passersby can appreciate them too
  • in a quiet spot, such as an attic
  • in a place you see daily, where human traffic passes through

Why would it be a problem if you hung up all your trophies, heirlooms and family works of art?

  • because it might embarrass the neighbors
  • because it would be too imposing
  • because it might create clutter

You want to hang your family photos in a professional manner. How can you achieve this?

  • Print them all in similar tones and use similar frames.
  • Cut around them with a shaped pair of scissors and decorate them.
  • It doesn't really matter; any way looks professional enough.

In order to truly bring out the beauty of your family photographs:

  • Print them, some small and some large.
  • Reduce them.
  • Enlarge them.

Over the years, your children have made (and continue to make) individual artistic masterpieces. What's the best way to handle the constant influx?

  • Just keep adding them all onto the walls.
  • Update the older pieces for newer ones.
  • Make sure never to have more than 12 items on display at any given time.

What could you use a shadowbox for?

  • to cast shadows across your family heirloom wall
  • to display small pieces like medals, souvenirs and trinkets
  • to regulate the light-shade patterns in your living room

How can you make a shadowbox by yourself?

  • Paint a wooden box, glue cloth to the surfaces and attach your mementos inside it.
  • Paint a shoebox, decorate the outside with dried flowers and place your mementos inside it.
  • Use a glass cutter to cut four mirror "walls", attach them with hinges and decorate with acrylic paint.

Designer shelves would be a clever way to display your trophies and family heirlooms. How would you then display your photographs and artwork?

  • Intersperse the artwork with the trophies along the designer shelves.
  • Use a separate wall to display the photos and artwork.
  • Hang the photos and artwork between and around the designer shelves.

A simple coat rack or plaque of hooks can remind you of your family members every time you use it. How?

  • By painting each hook or dowel in the color of choice of each family member.
  • By making your own one. Attach to the outer ends of the hooks or dowels an item corresponding to each family member.
  • By making a separate coat rack for each family member.