Family Money Saving Quiz
by Staff
It's not easy to raise a family on a budget. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of money saving ideas and strategies that keep the family happy.

What does an energy audit provide?

  • It'll tell you if some of your windows aren't sealed correctly and how to fix them to save on energy costs.
  • a costly plan that will tell you how to save electricity
  • a new dishwasher

What money-saving designation should you look for when buying a new appliance?

  • A sticker that says "40% off."
  • An ENERGY STAR designation.
  • A Consumer Reports sticker.

How much money does a CFL lightbulb save over the course of its use?

  • They don't save money, but they do save energy.
  • They'll save you about 40 bucks.
  • CFL lightbulbs actually cost more money than regular lightbulbs, but they save about $4 in the long run.

How much money will you save by lowering your thermostat ten degrees every night?

  • It'll save you roughly $80.
  • It might actually cost more because raising it back up will take more energy.
  • You'll reduce about 10 percent of the cost of energy.

What's another good reason to carpool besides just saving gas?

  • It's just fun to sing along to Beyonce with someone.
  • It actually adds money to the economy.
  • Both.

What's one drawback of extreme couponing?

  • paper cuts
  • People at the checkstand hate you for taking so long.
  • You run the risk of buying items just for the sake of saving money.

How do online swap sites work?

  • They match you up with similar families with similar swapping needs.
  • You just post items you have and browse what items you'd like in return.
  • They give you a list of swap meets in your area.

How soon can you get evicted from your apartment for not paying your rent?

  • one month
  • You have to miss at least three months' rent before your landlord can take action.
  • within three days of the missed date

What are some consequences of a bad credit rating for your family?

  • higher interest on credit cards
  • failure to secure a loan
  • both of the above

Instead of buying expensive household cleaners, what common items in your pantry can you use?

  • apple peels and lemon rinds
  • coffee grounds and hot sauce
  • vinegar and baking soda

What do Americans annually spend roughly $8,300 per person on?

  • healthcare
  • junk food
  • clothing

What healthcare services can you receive at a free or reduced price from drugstores or clinics?

  • over -the-counter asthma medicines
  • massages
  • vaccines and flu shots

What food can you easily grow in an apartment or small space?

  • bananas
  • onion and tomato plants
  • artichokes

How much does an average family of four spend at a fast food restaurant?

  • $20
  • $16
  • $28

How much does a homemade roasted chicken, vegetables, salad and milk for four to six people save, compared to the $28 average cost of a fast food trip for a family of four?

  • It doesn't save you money; fast food is cheaper.
  • about $5.
  • about $14

What's one trick for getting the most out of grocery coupons?

  • Don't bother using them; they're actually more expensive than buying generic brands.
  • Use ten or more at a time.
  • Wait a few weeks to use them.

What weekly task will allow you to cut down your grocery bill?

  • Exercising; you'll want to eat less.
  • Planning meals a week ahead.
  • Buying produce only once a week.

What's a cheap way to entertain the whole family?

  • Going to the museum.
  • Renting a movie.
  • Going camping.

Where can you find cheap chidcare?

  • the family next door
  • Craigslist
  • the kid down the street

What service does the public library charge you for?

  • using the Internet
  • new-release DVDs
  • None of the above.