Flushing in Style: How much do you know about fancy-schmancy bathrooms?
by Staff
You may not be able to start your shower with a glance, but the fanciest bathrooms still feature some pretty cool gadgets. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about high-tech bathrooms.

The most technologically advanced toothbrushes will tell you ___.

  • facts about teeth and dental care
  • how long to brush
  • the history of the toothbrush

Automatic faucets are designed to cut down on ___.

  • how much water people use
  • the spread of germs
  • both of the above

The word "bidet" is of ___.

  • German origin
  • French origin
  • Spanish origin

Dual-flush toilets are designed primarily to ___.

  • conserve water
  • look cool
  • last a long time

Older toilets can use up to how many gallons of water per flush?

  • two gallons
  • five gallons
  • seven gallons

A composting toilet can save how many gallons of water per year?

  • more than 500
  • less than 5,000
  • more than 6,000

What are television mirrors?

  • televisions with shiny surfaces
  • mirrors with televisions embedded in them
  • neither

High-tech showers allow you to have preset, personalized ___.

  • water temperature
  • water pressure
  • both of the above

Toothbrush sanitizers use what to kill germs?

  • UV light
  • cold air
  • sound waves

Some luxury toilets cover up the sounds of a person's business by doing what?

  • vibrating
  • playing music
  • screaming