The Fabulous Faraday Cage Quiz
by Staff
It was a grand day for humankind when the first Faraday cage came to life; these cages have given rise to all sorts of technological innovations. How much do you know about these wiry wonders?

In what year did Michael Faraday build the first Faraday cage?

  • 1726
  • 1826
  • 1836

Who first explored (in detail and with multiple experiments) the physics principles at work in Faraday cages?

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Ben Franklin
  • George Washington

Under what conditions do Faraday cages work best?

  • when they are grounded
  • when they are made of graphite
  • when they have very large holes

To work effectively, the holes in the mesh or screen of a Faraday cage must be smaller than what?

  • the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation you're trying to block
  • the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation you're trying to block
  • the size of your fingers

In military applications, Faraday cages are employed to protect against what?

  • nuclear radiation
  • electrostatic radiation
  • electromagnetic pulses

Why must hospitals shield their MRI machine rooms with Faraday cages?

  • The cages keep metal objects in the room from becoming magnetized.
  • The cages prevent stray electromagnetic signals from affecting test results.
  • The cages shield patients from harm.

What's one ubiquitous product that incorporates the principles of Faraday cages?

  • coaxial cable
  • headphone wires
  • high-voltage wires

An electromagnetic pulse could destroy electronics-based communications systems. What might cause a huge EMP?

  • a lunar explosion
  • a nuclear detonation
  • a giant laser

Why are high-altitude EMPs most likely to destroy an entire country's communications systems?

  • They are more powerful.
  • High blasts affect a greater geographic area.
  • The EMPs also destroy space-based communications satellites.

In addition to telecommunications systems, powerful EMPs can also disrupt what?

  • the electrical grid
  • car engines
  • social networking

Why do shoplifters like Faraday cages?

  • They line bags with metal foil to steal items.
  • The parts to make their own cages are easy to steal.
  • Sitting in one reminds them of a nice jail cell.

Before creating the first Faraday cage, Michael Faraday discovered what?

  • radiation
  • electromagnetic induction
  • EMPs

In addition to blocking static electric fields, what else do Faraday cages shield their interiors from?

  • electromagnetic radiation
  • visible light
  • nuclear radiation

In a famous experiment, Faraday confirmed principles of electricity proposed by Ben Franklin using what?

  • an ice pick
  • an ice pail
  • an icicle

This everyday device uses the principles of a Faraday cage, but in reverse.

  • a car
  • a microwave oven
  • a shortwave radio

What other name do Faraday cages often go by?

  • Faraday device
  • Faraday shield
  • Faraday induction blocker

Your car is a Faraday cage. How can you ensure your survival if lightning strikes your vehicle?

  • start the car
  • avoid touching anything metal
  • roll down the windows

What factor can reduce your car's ability to act as a Faraday cage in the event of a lightning strike?

  • a convertible top
  • whitewall tires
  • huge chrome wheels

In a thunderstorm, what other vehicle can protect you with a Faraday cage?

  • a riding lawnmower
  • a golf cart
  • a bulldozer

Boats rely on the principles of Faraday cages to protect passengers. What are these protection systems called?

  • floating Faraday cages
  • lightning protection systems
  • electricity protection systems