Can you survive a father-son shopping trip?
by Staff
"Shop 'til you drop" may not be your first choice for a father-son motto. How likely are you to survive -- or even enjoy -- a shopping trip with your kin? We'd bet our bottom dollar that this quiz will help you get ready for an intergenerational spending spree.

What's the least stressful time of day for a father-son shopping trip?

  • late morning
  • mid afternoon
  • early evening

What's one thing you should do before taking a young son shopping?

  • Take him to the bathroom.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Make out a shopping list.

What's a safe way to keep track of a six-year-old son while you're maneuvering a loaded shopping cart?

  • Have him follow behind you.
  • Have him hold onto the side of the cart.
  • Have him go ahead of you.

What's an effective way to deal with a boy who's having a tantrum during a shopping trip?

  • Threaten to never take him shopping again.
  • Take him outside until the tantrum passes.
  • Tell him the security guard is going to take him to jail.

What's a suitable shopping task for a 10-year-old boy?

  • finding a sales clerk if you need help
  • picking the healthiest breakfast cereal
  • reading and marking off items on the shopping list as you buy them

How likely is the average father to use a shopping trip to teach a son about spending money?

  • Very likely. He'll make point of mentioning prices every chance he gets.
  • He might, if the son asks.
  • Not at all. He doesn't want to sound like a tightwad.

What should a father tell his son when the father buys the wrong item?

  • "I should have paid more attention to what I was doing."
  • "That sales clerk didn't give me enough time to find what I wanted."
  • "The lighting in that store is so bad that I couldn't read the label."

Compared to teen daughters, a teen son is more likely to want to shop for which item?

  • video games
  • snacks
  • clothing

What type of store would the average 12-year old most likely want his dad to take him to?

  • a clothing store
  • an electronics store
  • a discount store

When dads take their 17-year-old son shopping, what item does the son have the most influence in buying?

  • a showerhead
  • a frozen dinner
  • a cellphone

Which item does a 14-year-old son have the most say in buying?

  • a TV for the family room
  • a tomato plant for the family garden
  • salsa for a family party

Why would a teen boy not want to shop at a department store?

  • That's where his dad shops.
  • The prices are too high.
  • Teens are loyal to smaller specialty shops.

Which child is most likely to try to save Dad money when shopping for clothes?

  • his 12-year-old son
  • his 17-year-old daughter
  • his 14-year-old son

Why are father-son weekend shopping trips becoming more popular at some malls?

  • Some malls have banned teens shoppers unaccompanied by an adult.
  • Some malls have father-son weekends with special prices and activities.
  • It's part of a Big Brothers-Big Sisters toy drive.

What's the safest way to tote a toddler in a shopping cart?

  • standing at the front of the cart
  • strapped in the seat provided
  • in a car seat perched on top of the cart seat

If you're like most fathers and teenage sons, how do your tastes diverge concerning favorite stores?

  • Kids like the department store; adults prefer the grocery store.
  • Kids like the grocery store and adults like the convenience store.
  • Kids likes the grocery store and adults like the department store.

What should a dad tell his 10-year-old son to do if they get separated in a store?

  • Go back to the car and lock himself inside.
  • Find a security officer and ask for help.
  • Borrow a cell phone from another shopper and call you.

Which car are a father and son most likely to take on a shopping trip?

  • an economy car
  • an SUV
  • a minivan

Which movie would a teen probably suggest buying?

  • a comedy
  • a science fiction film
  • a mystery

In Italy, a father might help his son buy his first cravatta and show him how to wear it. What's a cravatta?

  • a hat
  • a handkerchief
  • a tie