Test Your Knowledge: Famous Sideshow Freaks
by Staff
Wildly popular during the Victorian era, sideshows were some of the only leisure entertainment activities available to the American public. For that reason, the curious masses would visit traveling circuses and exhibitions, paying for peeks at people with disabilities, disorders and general embellishments, such as tattoos. Test your knowledge of famous female freak show performers with this quiz from

Which did P.T. Barnum invent first: beauty contests or freak shows?

  • beauty contests
  • freak shows
  • P.T. Barnum invented neither.

P.T. Barnum's British counterpart, Tom Norman, briefly managed which famous sideshow freak?

  • Tom Thumb
  • The Two-Headed Nightingale
  • Elephant Man

Which of the following sideshow sisters were not conjoined twins?

  • McKoy sisters
  • Hilton sisters
  • Sutherland sisters

Conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton starred alongside a cast of other sideshow stars in what 1932 pre-code horror film?

  • "Freaks"
  • "Mad Scientists"
  • "Circus of Terror"

After Daisy and Violet Hilton's entertainment career faded, the conjoined twins took a job where?

  • a bank
  • a grocery
  • a dance school

How old was Joice Heth, billed as The World's Oldest Woman and George Washington's nurse, supposed to be?

  • 161 years old
  • 261 years old
  • 361 years old

When freak shows fell out of social favor in the early 20th century, what was one of the first attractions to go?

  • fat freaks
  • tattooed freaks
  • limbless freaks

Abraham and Mary Lincoln hosted a White House wedding reception for what sideshow star?

  • Tom Thumb
  • Chang & Eng
  • Major Mite

What was P.T. Barnum's stationary sideshow attraction?

  • Grand Museum
  • Gaiety Museum
  • American Museum

Juliana Pastrana's congenital generalized hypertrichosis terminalis was responsible for what freak show "abnormality"?

  • a tiny head
  • excessive hair
  • albinism

Which of the following female freaks performed for Queen Victoria?

  • Millie-Christine McKoy
  • Anita, The Living Doll
  • Julia "Baboon Lady" Pastrana

A metabolic disorder caused Mary Ann Bevan to bill herself in sideshows as what?

  • World's Thinnest Woman
  • World's Homeliest Woman
  • World's Tallest Woman

A signature part of fat lady Ella Milbauer's routine was baring which part of her body?

  • feet
  • calves
  • thighs

An undeveloped twin left behind what physical feature on Myrtle Corbin's body?

  • an extra hand
  • an extra pair of legs
  • an extra breast

Half man/half woman Josephine Joseph was most likely which gender?

  • male
  • female
  • intersex (the preferred term for hermaphrodite)

Where can someone go today to see a regular freak show?

  • Atlantic City
  • Las Vegas
  • Coney Island

Gibsonton, Fla., is known for being the site of what?

  • An unofficial retirement town for circus and freak show performers.
  • The site of Ringling Bros. Circus' first show.
  • The town where P.T. Barnum died.

It took almost 130 years to bury what famous female freak's body?

  • Juliana Pastrana, Baboon Lady
  • Lavinia Warren, Queen of Beauty
  • Millie-Christine, The Two-Headed Nightingale

At the peak of sideshow era in the early 1900s, a popular performer could earn how much per week?

  • 50
  • 100
  • 200

When did freak show popularity fizzle out?

  • 1920
  • 1930
  • 1940