The Ultimate Female Spy Quiz
by Staff
When we think about spies, we tend to think of men like Bond, James Bond. But women have a long history in espionage, taking on jobs as covert agents, couriers and code breakers. We've got a quiz on some sneaky ladies who sniffed out secrets for their countries.

What country convicted Mata Hari of spying?

  • France
  • Germany
  • England

What did Mata Hari allegedly do as she was escorted to the firing squad?

  • She blew a kiss to her executioners.
  • She sang a patriotic German song.
  • She tried to convince the executioner she was pregnant and begged for the life of her child.

Sometimes female spies seduce their targets and have sex with them for information. What is this type of information-gathering called?

  • moonlight mission
  • honey trap
  • operation lingerie

We have a female spy, known only as "355," to thank for what important Revolutionary War event?

  • the identification of Benedict Arnold as a traitor
  • the victory at the Battle of Saratoga
  • the Boston Tea Party

How did a woman known as Mammy Kate conduct a secret rescue mission of her master during the Revolutionary War?

  • She hid her master in a laundry basket and carried him out with the jail's laundry.
  • She hid her master in an empty food cart that she'd brought to the jail loaded with pies for the guards.
  • She hid an extra pair of clothes on her body, dressed her master in them, and brought the man out dressed as a woman.

Anna Strong was a Revolutionary War spy who used an ordinary household chore to communicate with fellow operatives. How did she signal her fellow revolutionaries?

  • She inserted notes into freshly-baked bread.
  • She sent messages by hanging her laundry in a certain way.
  • She sewed coded communications into the hems of clothing and then lent them to certain spies.

What spy was known as the "Lady with the Limp"?

  • Antonia Willard
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Virginia Hall

What did Virginia Hall nickname her artificial leg?

  • Heathcliff
  • Cuthbert
  • Asher

What female spy, better known for her cooking prowess, created a shark repellent during World War II?

  • Julia Child
  • Betty Crocker
  • Sara Lee

What entertainer helped the French resistance during World War II by writing secret information in invisible ink on her sheet music?

  • Gypsy Rose Lee
  • Josephine Baker
  • Carmen Miranda

Which Civil War spy pretended to be crazy so people would ignore her as she walked through town, gathering information?

  • Elizabeth Van Lew
  • Belle Boyd
  • Rose Greenhow

Which Civil War spy adopted male disguises to serve in the Union Army and to spy on the South?

  • Sarah Edmonds
  • Rose Greenhow
  • Emeline Pigott

Which former slave secured a position in Jefferson Davis's home so that she could spy for the North during the Civil War?

  • Harriet Tubman
  • Mary Elizabeth Bowser
  • Antonia Willard

Which actress volunteered with the OSS during World War II by recording songs that were sent to German soldiers in an attempt to lower their morale and desire to fight?

  • Marlene Dietrich
  • Vivien Leigh
  • Greta Garbo

World War II spy Barbara Lauwers conducted psychological warfare on German troops by creating something known as the "League of Lonely War Women." How did Lauwers use the league to infuriate German troops?

  • She created fake letters that were sent to soldiers that hinted that the women had gotten tired of waiting for their men and had become lesbians.
  • She created fake letters that were sent to soldiers that made it seem like their wives would sleep with any German soldier who asked.
  • She created fake photographs that were sent to soldiers that made it appear that German women were courting American soldiers.

Barbara Lauwers was also involved in a prominent campaign that recruited German prisoners to renounce their Nazi ties and spread propaganda against Hitler around Italy. What was this campaign called?

  • Operation Sauerkraut
  • Operation Currywurst
  • Operation Linguini

Which British spy inspired the Xbox 360 game "Velvet Assassin?"

  • Virginia Hall
  • Violette Szabo
  • Krystyna Skarbek

What was the name of the journalist-turned-spy who killed a German soldier with her bare hands during World War II?

  • Nancy Wake
  • Krystyna Skarbek
  • Wilma Davis

In 1943, a woman named Gene Grabeel created a secret decryption program that was used by the United States and the United Kingdom throughout the Cold War. What was the name of the program?

  • the Venona project
  • the Manhattan Project
  • the Decryption project

What female KGB agent was codenamed "Clever Girl" in Venona messages?

  • Anna Chapman
  • Elizabeth Bentley
  • Ethel Rosenberg