The Ultimate Fighting Jet Lag Quiz
by Staff
Jet lag can really spoil your trip, be it a business trip or a holiday. The last thing you need is to be falling asleep during the day and wide awake all night. Would you like to know more about jet lag and how to prevent it? If so, have a go at this quiz and learn some handy tips for fighting jet lag along the way.

When does jet lag occur?

  • when you cross at least 2 time zones
  • when you sleep out of home
  • any time that you fly on a plane

What is a circadian rhythm?

  • a cicada's song
  • your body clock
  • the cycle involved in a plane's mechanics

In which movie does a character struggle with severe jet lag?

  • Around the World in 40 Days
  • Catch Me if You Can
  • Fight Club

What is the most common problem arising from jet lag?

  • nausea
  • sleep deprivation
  • memory loss

How can you minimize the disruption to your body clock?

  • Don't adjust your hand-watch when you get to the destination.
  • Try to stay awake for the entire day before travelling.
  • Get your body used to the destination time zone before you travel.

How can you get used to the destination time zone before travelling without getting jet lag at home?

  • Change slowly.
  • Stay up all night.
  • Work late so you are forced to sleep at different times.

What sort of foods make you sleepy?

  • sugars
  • carbohydrates
  • energy drinks

What sort of beverage should you avoid on the plane?

  • alcohol
  • water
  • juice

What should you do before flying?

  • sleep
  • exercise
  • eat a lot

In which institution do they teach the importance of carrying water with you?

  • university
  • the government
  • the military

In cases of severe dehydration, how are fluids replaced?

  • intravenously
  • via a stomach tube
  • by drinking a lot

What is the best drink for preventing dehydration?

  • energy drinks
  • water
  • sodas

To beat jet lag, when should you arrive at your destination?

  • early morning
  • at nighttime
  • a day early

Which hormone regulates sleep?

  • melatonin
  • thyroid-stimulating hormone
  • estrogen

How can you prepare yourself for managing jet lag?

  • Learn jet lag management techniques.
  • Sleep when it feels right.
  • Don't sleep during your trip.