The Ultimate Figs and Baby Wasps Quiz
by Staff
When you were a kid and your pal told you that fig bars were filled with crushed baby wasps, you probably squirmed and squealed, but didn't believe him. Well, now you have a real reason to be squeamish -- your friend may not have been so far off! Take this quiz and learn more about figs and baby wasps.

What is the arrangement between a fig wasp and a fig called?

  • mutualism
  • give and take
  • dependency

What goal do the fig wasp and fig share?

  • survival
  • reproduction
  • social interaction

What is the scientific name for what we know as a fig?

  • syconium
  • ostiole
  • figacous maternus

Through what does the female fig wasp reach the center of the syconium?

  • the ovary
  • the ibiden
  • the ostiole

What is a male fig called?

  • caprifig
  • edible fig
  • inedible fig

In which fig is the female wasp able to lay eggs?

  • in either fig
  • inside the female edible fig
  • inside the male caprifig

What do male fig wasps spend their lives doing?

  • They spend their lives searching for new fig crops.
  • They spend their lives digging tunnels through the figs.
  • They fight with one and other for dominance over the fig and its populations of female wasps.

What do escaped female fig wasps do?

  • They fly off to find new figs.
  • They die once they escape.
  • They find new male wasps to mate with.

What happens when a female fig lands on an edible fig?

  • She lays eggs.
  • She dies of exhaustion or starvation.
  • She mates with the male fig wasps living there.

What part of the female edible fig prevents the female wasp from laying her eggs?

  • the stigma
  • the ovary
  • the stylus

What breaks down the female wasp's carcass?

  • papain
  • amylase
  • ficin

What are the crunchy black parts inside a fig?

  • the remnants of a fig wasp
  • seeds
  • wasp eggs and larvae

How to farmers prevent overpopulation of a fig plant?

  • They separate male and female fig plants over great distances.
  • They use judicious amounts of pesticides.
  • They physically remove excess bees from the plant.

How many fruit fly eggs is tomato ketchup allowed to contain?

  • 2 eggs per 3.5 ounces (100 grams)
  • 10 eggs per 3.5 ounces (100 grams)
  • 30 eggs per 3.5 ounces (100 grams)

What is the practice of eating bugs and worms called?

  • paleontology
  • entomogaphy
  • insectopoty