The Ultimate Filter Feeding Quiz
by Staff
The underwater creatures known as filter feeders do not eat in a conventional manner. Learn about the special equipment that enables them to filter their food by taking this quiz.

What is the size of the food consumed by a filter feeder?

  • small
  • medium
  • large

Which creatures are filter feeders?

  • underwater
  • cats
  • bears

What size creature may filter feed?

  • small creatures only
  • very large creatures
  • all size creatures

How many species of fish are filter feeders?

  • 10
  • 20
  • 50

What do baleen whales have instead of teeth?

  • baleen
  • tongue
  • beak

How do sharks function when their food supply is scarce?

  • endure some starvation
  • die from starvation
  • eat plant life

Where do sponges swim to find food?

  • do not swim
  • inanimate
  • both answers

How do water and food enter a sponge?

  • through a pore
  • through gills
  • through siphons

Which creature uses a bag of mucus to acquire food?

  • Chaetopterus worm
  • zebra mussel
  • geoduck clam

How does a sponge eliminate the water after it has removed the food from it?

  • ostra
  • oscula
  • gill

What creatures are inanimate?

  • clams
  • sharks
  • barracuda

Which creature opens it shell to filter feed?

  • mussel
  • sponge
  • clam

How are a whale's baleen replaced?

  • constantly grow
  • develop a replacement set
  • no replacement

How do creatures filter feed?

  • with gills
  • with special equipment
  • with fins

What extinct creature may have been a filter feeder?

  • dinosaur
  • Caribbean monk seal
  • giant sloth