The Ultimate Fire Extinguisher Quiz
by Staff
Having a fire extinguisher handy when you need it may save your life. Find out how fire extinguishers work and how to use them correctly. Our fact-filled quiz will get you started.

For a fire to ignite, oxygen needs to combine with:

  • a fuel
  • carbon dioxide
  • hydrogen

For a combustion reaction to take place and thus a fire to break out, fuel has to be heated to its _____ temperature.

  • functional
  • ignition
  • conditional

Besides a fire itself, what might heat wood enough to ignite?

  • focused light
  • friction
  • both of the above

Extreme heat, oxygen and fuel are needed for a fire to occur. A fire extinguisher is designed to _____ at least one of these elements.

  • neutralize
  • produce
  • create

What is the best way to remove heat from a fire?

  • with water
  • with sand
  • with oil

What's the best way to remove oxygen from a fire?

  • Fan it.
  • Smother it.
  • Blow on it.

Fire extinguishers are filled with:

  • water
  • a smothering material
  • either of the above

How often should you have your fire extinguisher checked to make sure it's working properly?

  • every year
  • every two years
  • every six years

Most dry-chemical fire extinguishers have a built-in _____ gauge.

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • fuel

In a fire extinguisher, what keeps the compressed gas in the small cylinder from escaping?

  • a release valve
  • a stop valve
  • a check valve

To use a fire extinguisher, what is the first thing you need to do?

  • Open the safety valve.
  • Shake it.
  • Pull out the pin.

What is the function of the metal safety pin of a fire extinguisher?

  • It keeps the cylinder from closing.
  • It keeps the siphon from closing.
  • It keeps the operating lever from closing.

Which type of fire extinguisher is popular in restaurants?

  • carbon dioxide
  • water
  • sodium bicarbonate

Which common ingredient used in baking is the most popular fire extinguisher material?

  • flour
  • baking soda
  • sugar

Fire extinguishers are rated by the _____ of fire they can put out.

  • type
  • size
  • intensity