The Firearm Safety Quiz
by Staff
Getting flippant with guns can cost you dearly. How much do you know about firearm safety? Take this quiz to find out.

What does the trigger guard do?

  • makes the trigger easier to squeeze
  • helps prevent accidental firing
  • makes the gun more comfortable to hold

True or false: A gun's safety is guaranteed to never fail.

  • true
  • false

What should you do with the gun's action before entering a vehicle or home?

  • Open it.
  • Close it.
  • Close it after making sure the safety is on.

How should you treat every gun, even if you suspect it has never once been loaded with ammunition?

  • as if it were inaccurate
  • as if it were loaded
  • as if it were broken

What is a "hair trigger"?

  • a very sensitive trigger
  • a malfunctioning trigger
  • both

Where should your finger NOT be placed until you are ready to fire a weapon?

  • the trigger
  • the safety
  • the trigger guard

About how many states hold adults criminally liable if they fail to store guns safely and someone gets hurt?

  • 40
  • 30
  • 20

How should you cross a fence when you're carrying a weapon?

  • Throw the weapon over first.
  • Keep both hands on the gun as you climb over.
  • Unload the gun, and place it carefully on the other side.

You should never point the muzzle of your gun at anything unless you intend to …

  • save it from harm
  • eat it
  • shoot it

What is "overpenetration"?

  • when a bullet has a hollow point
  • when a bullet has too much power for a particular gun
  • when a bullet passes through a target

Before you pull the trigger, you should verify your target as well as …

  • what is nearby
  • what is behind and in front of it
  • both

What is a safe target?

  • a target hung on your barn
  • a target hung on hard and flat surface
  • neither

Smart guns can't be fired by anyone other than their owners thanks to …

  • biometric security
  • keyed locks
  • an ID tag implanted beneath the owner's skin

What is a key trait of a fully automatic weapon?

  • It has a self-cleaning mechanism.
  • It fires bullets continually until you release the trigger.
  • It is much easier to aim.

Where should you store your firearm's ammunition?

  • securely and separately from the gun
  • in the same safe place as the gun
  • close to the ground

What percentage of accidental child shooting victims are boys?

  • 50 percent
  • 60 percent
  • 80 percent

In decibels, how loud are many handguns?

  • 160 decibels
  • 100 decibels
  • 85 decibels

If you use incorrect ammunition for your gun, what can happen?

  • The gun becomes a little more powerful.
  • The gun may become obstructed.
  • The gun will fire two bullets unpredictably.

What should you always be leery of?

  • reloaded ammo
  • safety glasses
  • ear plugs

What's the primary reason to wear safety glasses while shooting?

  • Bullets ricochet.
  • Guns may explode.
  • Other people might shoot you.

When should you perform maintenance on your firearm?

  • before you shoot it
  • before you store it
  • both

What is the legal maximum blood alcohol content for safe gun operation in the U.S.?

  • 0.4 percent
  • 0.2 percent
  • It depends on the state.

What happens if you shoot at a lake's surface?

  • The bullet bounces right back at you.
  • The bullet sinks.
  • The bullet careens off into an unknown direction.

Because accidents happen, you should never do what?

  • shoot large caliber weapons
  • shoot at animals
  • shoot alone

What can happen if you fire weapons in a poorly ventilated area?

  • You might start a fire.
  • You might inhale lead dust.
  • You might get dizzy and fall over.

Where should you store the key for a locked firearm?

  • in a secure location
  • with the gun
  • under the baby's bed

You should unload your gun before …

  • leaving it unattended
  • taking it out of a pickup truck
  • stalking a deer

How does a locationized gun restrict its usage?

  • It can only use specific brands of ammunition.
  • It can only be fired in approved areas.
  • It can only be aimed at certain targets.

In 2013 about how many unintentional firearms deaths were there worldwide?

  • 47,000
  • 58,000
  • 82,000

What can cause the barrel of a gun to split like a banana peel?

  • a barrel obstruction
  • a manufacturing defect
  • overpowered ammunition