The Ultimate Fireplace Quiz
by Staff
A fireplace may create a beautiful and romantic setting, so don't kill the romance with a smoke-filled room. Knowing about the proper operation of your fireplace can help you safely enjoy it. Take this quiz to see whether you know how to have a fire without smoke.

According to the National Home Builders Association, what percent of home buyers would like to have a family room fireplace?

  • 60 percent
  • 77 percent
  • 85 percent

In medieval castles, what was the use of indoor fireplaces?

  • warmth
  • cooking
  • décor

Standard fireplaces are an _____________ source of heat.

  • inefficient
  • efficient
  • extremely efficient

Why is proper fireplace venting important?

  • harmful chemicals
  • pleasant aroma
  • non-harmful chemicals

Modern fireplaces are most valued for their _____________ value.

  • esthetic
  • heating
  • cooling

What is a fireplace hearth made of?

  • brick
  • marble
  • wood

What is the location of the firebox?

  • inside the fireplace
  • inside the chimney
  • outside the fireplace

What is the purpose of the surround?

  • protects the walls around the fireplace
  • vents the smoke
  • protects the floor from sparks

What material is the flue constructed of?

  • baked clay
  • stainless steel
  • both answers

What is the purpose of a smoke chamber?

  • joins the fireplace to the flue
  • prevents sparks
  • prevents smoke buildup

A smoke shelf prevents _________ from dropping into the fireplace.

  • rain
  • soot
  • both answers

A fireplace feature that is a helpful when cleaning your fireplace is a:

  • ash dump
  • spark arrester
  • chimney cap

Why does a chimney cap rotate?

  • block wind gusts
  • prevent ash buildup
  • prevent moisture

How many ways can heat be transferred?

  • two
  • three
  • four

What is the best wood to burn in a fireplace?

  • hickory or ash
  • oak or hard maple
  • both answers

What is kindling?

  • small pieces of wood
  • easy ignited wood
  • both answers

When should you use a fire accelerator such as lighter fluid?

  • never
  • often
  • always

What type of fireplace produces a clean and efficient source of heat?

  • gas fireplace
  • gas fireplace insert
  • both answers

What should you keep handy when using a fireplace?

  • fire extinguisher
  • flashlight
  • marshmallows

Smoke from a fireplace may aggravate what health conditions?

  • respiratory
  • circulatory
  • eyesight