History Buff: First Olympics Quiz
by Staff
The first Olympics in ancient Greece were an arena to display athletic prowess for honor's sake. Think you're an expert in the ways of the Greek games? Grease up and try our quiz to find out if you're a gold medalist in ancient Olympic trivia.

Like the modern Olympics, the original ancient Greek Olympics:

  • held both summer and winter events
  • were played in a different city every time
  • were held every four years

The first official Olympic Games were held in:

  • the 12th Century B.C.
  • the Eighth Century B.C.
  • the Fifth Century B.C.

The ancient Greek Olympics evolved out of a religious festival in honor of which Greek god?

  • Poseidon
  • Aphrodite
  • Zeus

For the first half-century of the official ancient Greek games, the only event was the stadion, which is:

  • a running event
  • a wrestling event
  • a chariot race

Which of the following events was never part of ancient Olympic Games?

  • wrestling
  • boxing
  • marathon

Which competitors were likely to get themselves immortalized in a statue?

  • athletes who won more than three events
  • brazen cheaters
  • both of the above

Which of the following groups weren't allowed to watch the games?

  • married women
  • unmarried women
  • all women

What was the Ekecheiria?

  • the Olympic Torch
  • an Olympic Truce
  • an Olympic Track Event

Why did the ancient Greek Olympic games come to an end in the Fourth Century A.D.?

  • A Christian emperor banned the games for their promotion of polytheism.
  • The games disbanded due to the people's disgust with rampant bribery and cheating.
  • Historians aren't sure.

When resuscitating the Olympic Games in the late 19th Century, organizers decided to homage the ancient Greeks by:

  • holding the first games in Greece
  • having athletes play in the nude
  • having wrestlers fight to the death