The Ultimate Fish Stocking Quiz
by Staff
The process of raising fish in a hatchery and releasing them into bodies of water to increase the existing fish population is called fish stocking. It's a fish management tool that is used to restore an endangered fish population. Take our quiz to learn more about fish stocking.

The releasing of fish into a river, lake, pond or the ocean is known as:

  • aquaculture
  • inland catch
  • fish stocking

In fish stocking, where does fish breeding take place?

  • hatcheries
  • aquarium
  • species tank

When do store employees generally restock shelves?

  • morning
  • evening
  • night

Which of the following fish for sport?

  • environmentalists
  • anglers
  • scientists

Which of the following persons restore historic fish populations?

  • environmentalists
  • anglers
  • scientists

Which of the following conduct research on fish stocking?

  • environmentalists
  • anglers
  • scientists

Who decides on a fish stocking location?

  • county and state government
  • commercial industry
  • fishing industry

What is important for fish stocking?

  • location
  • planning
  • implementation

What is the first thing to consider before stocking a river with trout?

  • environment
  • climate
  • water

What will happen if the water is full of fish?

  • It will become polluted.
  • It will stink.
  • It won't support any additional fish.

Why is it necessary to monitor local fishermen's catches?

  • to know the fish reserve in the water
  • to keep an eye on their business management
  • to make sure they fish at legal times

How do we figure out how many fish live in a particular area?

  • monitoring the water
  • monitoring local fishermen's catches
  • monitoring commercial fishing in that area

What can give you a fair idea about the health of fish in an area?

  • local fishermen's catches
  • fish sold in the market
  • water

Why was stocking banned at Yellowstone National Park in 1959?

  • to stop cross-breeding among different types of trout
  • to conserve fish species
  • to promote aquatic plant growth

How to prevent new fish from catching disease in the stocking process?

  • Check the health check of new fish.
  • Check water pollution before stocking new fish.
  • Check the quantity of existing fish in the water.

In 2004, approximately ____ fish were stocked throughout the United States.

  • 1.7 billion
  • 2.7 billion
  • 3.7 billion

What was the combined weight of stocked fish in the United States in 2004?

  • 20.8 million kilograms
  • 19.8 million kilograms
  • 18.8 million kilograms

The number of biological species any water body can support over time is called its:

  • fishing capacity
  • water capacity
  • carrying capacity

What is the danger of overstocking?

  • It affects the new fish.
  • It affects the existing fish.
  • It affects both new and existing fish.

When is the right time for fish stocking?

  • during higher oxygen quantity in the water
  • during low water temperatures
  • both of the above