The Ultimate Flooring Tips and Tricks Quiz
by Staff
You're going to be floored by this quiz. It'll test you on carpets, floorings, rugs and just about anything that goes under your tootsies. Test your ruggedness and tenacity with this cool flooring brain-basher.

Of all the rooms in your home, why is it good to save on floor coverings in your dining room?

  • because the dining table covers most of the floor
  • because other aspects of that room are expensive enough to install
  • because you can compromise on the dining-room flooring to save your money for the living room

If you save on floor covering in your dining room, how can you keep a luxury look with an inexpensive rug?

  • with gold tassels at the edge of the rug
  • with a soft, pastel rug color
  • with an attractive border on the rug

When you measure for carpeting, what do you have to consider?

  • the design of the room
  • whether the tape measure is in inches or centimeters
  • floor vents that mustn't be covered

How should you cater for a fireplace when you install carpeting?

  • Cut the carpeting to conform to the exact shape of the fireplace.
  • Leave a 2-centimeter gap around the fireplace to prevent sparks from starting a fire.
  • Use a quality screen around the fireplace and stone or a fireproof rug around it.

What carpeting should you choose if you have pets?

  • similar tones to the animals' fur for camouflage
  • dark-colored carpets and ones that don't ensnare the animals' claws
  • stain-free, smell-free carpeting

Why do some people use sisal and coir floor coverings?

  • because they wear well and last for years
  • because they have tannins, which are dust-mite repellants
  • because of their exotic, French-sounding names

How often should you rotate a rug?

  • on a biennial basis
  • once a year or, if it's used often, once in six months
  • as often as you like -- the more the better

What is the advantage of laying tiles diagonally?

  • It is a cheaper method of laying them.
  • It makes the room look more trendy.
  • It makes the room look bigger.

Which shows up more dust: dark-stained or light-stained floors?

  • dark-stained floors
  • light-stained floors
  • neither

Are woolen carpets more durable than synthetic ones?

  • no, less durable
  • yes, by far
  • not necessarily

What is the effect of caked-in dirt on your carpet fibers?

  • It makes the carpet hardier and able to tolerate more human traffic.
  • It darkens the tone of the carpet, giving it a rich hue.
  • It shortens the carpet's lifespan.

How can you give new life to old concrete porch or garage floors?

  • Shine them with furniture polish.
  • Stain, wax or score them.
  • Wash them well in a non-toxic bleach solution.

If you lay inexpensive carpeting, what is the best kind of padding to put underneath?

  • top-quality padding
  • inexpensive padding
  • thick padding

In your family room, what will wall-to-wall carpet or a soft-touch rug achieve?

  • It will give more light to the room.
  • It will absorb sound.
  • It will create a romantic ambience.

How can you tell the difference between a laminate floor and a solid hardwood one?

  • Walk on it barefoot to feel the texture.
  • Look for variations in the floor pattern; a laminate floor won't have any.
  • Run your hand over the surface to feel the texture.

Hardwood floors are increasingly common for kitchen flooring, because they have more advantages than ever before. What has brought the change?

  • a protective polyurethane coating
  • better-quality cleaning agents
  • their decreasing cost

Which of these are benefits of all-weather (spun plastic) rugs?

  • They come in all shapes and sizes.
  • They look like other plastic rugs that are not spun.
  • They can be cleaned with a regular garden hose and the color is permanent.

Which rug has a dirt-repellant quality made of high-lanolin wool?

  • an Australian sheepskin rug
  • a Welsh angora rug
  • a Tibetan wool rug

What does a high-knot-count-per-square-inch indicate for your carpet?

  • You're a good mathematician.
  • It's of high quality.
  • It's of low quality.

What can you do with carpet remnants?

  • Throw them away -- they're no use to anyone.
  • Cover some parts of your floor to retain that carpet feel.
  • Cut them up to create wall hangings.