The Ultimate Flu History Quiz
by Staff
Human history is marked with incidences of death and disease due to flu outbreaks, such as the flu epidemic of 1918 and the black plague. These types of deathly flu viruses killed more people than wars. Take this quiz and learn about the history of the flu.

How often does an aggressive flu virus appear?

  • every 10 years
  • every 20 to 30 years
  • every 30 to 40 years

The most severe flu epidemic coincided with:

  • World War I
  • The Great Depression
  • World War II

Where did the flu epidemic of 1918 originate?

  • United States
  • France
  • Germany

What country was most affected by the flu epidemic of 1918?

  • United States
  • Italy
  • Spain

Why was the flu virus of 1918 so deadly?

  • The virus was able to mutate.
  • The environment of the time was poorly sanitized.
  • both of the above

What was found in the bodies of 1918 flu epidemic victims?

  • swollen and wet lungs
  • blocked air ducts
  • both of the above

How was the 1918 flu virus able to spread from soldiers to civilians?

  • through the water supply
  • during “welcome home” celebrations
  • both of the above

How did the American government attempt to prevent the spread of the 1918 flu epidemic?

  • by closing theaters and churches
  • by requiring people to wear masks
  • both of the above

How many Americans died of the 1918 flu epidemic?

  • 200,000 people
  • 400,000 people
  • 600,000 people

By November of 1918, how many people worldwide had died of the flu?

  • 1 million people
  • 11 million people
  • 21 million people

Where did the black plague virus originate?

  • rats
  • fleas
  • both of the above

Why did the black plague virus spread to humans?

  • ecological changes
  • unsanitary living standards
  • both of the above

The black plague:

  • does not exist today
  • is now very rare
  • still exists

Who was first infected by the black plague?

  • seamen
  • children
  • women

What was a characteristic symptoms of the black plague?

  • egg-sized swellings
  • yellow skin
  • open red sores

Besides large growths, what was another symptom of the black plague?

  • blue arms
  • purple blotches
  • red face

How quickly would people die after contracting the black plague?

  • four to six days
  • one to two weeks
  • two to three months

Pneumonic plague is when the black plague virus reaches:

  • the lungs
  • the heart
  • the intestine

What is a characteristic symptom of pneumonic plague?

  • bloody stool
  • vomiting blood
  • greenish spit

What is septicemia?

  • another term for pneumonic plague
  • a very deadly version of the plague
  • a more modern version of the bubonic plague