Which is cheaper, flying or driving?
by Staff
When contemplating vacation savings, common sense used to dictate a road trip rather than air travel. Fluctuating gas prices have thrown that assumption for a loop: Now, the comparative costs of flying and driving depend on more elements than ever. Test your knowledge of the factors that can determine which mode of transport will save you cash.

Which of these is a primary factor in determining the comparative prices of flying and driving?

  • car speed
  • number of passengers
  • time of year

Under what circumstances will driving almost always be cheaper?

  • low gas prices
  • either one or two people travelling
  • distance over 400 miles

When gas prices go up, which is affected more dramatically -- what you pay to travel in a car or what you pay to travel in an airplane?

  • the car cost
  • the airplane cost
  • They're affected equally.

Traveling in which type of car offers the best chance of saving over air travel?

  • a sports car
  • an SUV
  • a hybrid

Besides gas prices, what is the primary factor in determining how much it costs to travel by car?

  • driving style
  • vehicle speed
  • trip distance

Besides ticket prices, which factors most affect how much it costs to travel by plane?

  • mode of transport at the destination, baggage fees, and whether they serve food on the plane
  • parking rates, baggage fees, and mode of transport at the destination
  • parking rates, distance from home to the airport, and frequent-flyer discounts

With how many traveling family members is driving almost always the cheaper option?

  • at least three
  • at least five
  • at least two

If gas prices are high and your car has poor gas mileage, what's your best chance of improving the odds that driving will still cost less than flying?

  • Drive slowly.
  • Rent a car with great gas mileage.
  • Buy a car with great gas mileage.

If a flight from Washington, D.C., to Boston costs more than the total price of gas, how could it still end up being cheaper to fly?

  • tolls
  • traffic
  • taxes

If traveling for business, which hidden cost can make a more-expensive flight the cheaper option?

  • interstate-travel fees
  • flight-specific tax breaks
  • the price of your time