The Ultimate Food Plots Quiz
by Staff
If you're looking for an ethical and sustainable way to care for wild animals such as deer, consider food plots. People create food plots on a designated piece of land, which is considered a better way to feed wild animals than recreational or supplemental feeding. Take this quiz to learn more about caring for wild animals with food plots.

What is the name for feeding wild animals informally in your backyard?

  • recreational feeding
  • vocational feeding
  • instructional feeding

What is the name for feeding wild animals on a larger scale?

  • protein feeding
  • supplemental feeding
  • carb feeding

How are food plots better than other forms of feeding wild animals?

  • They provide a meatier diet.
  • They provide a cheaper diet.
  • They provide a digestible, balanced diet.

What is the most common danger of providing artificial feeding, such as food plots, for wild animals?

  • spread of diseases
  • laziness in animals
  • over familiarity of animals

What is the most common way infection is spread among animals eating at a supplemental feeding plot?

  • from touching
  • from their saliva
  • from their tails

Which among these is not a purpose of building an artificial feeding plot?

  • watching a variety of creatures
  • increasing the health of animals on your property
  • breeding animals for the circus

Which among these is a type of food plot meant for breeding animals to hunt?

  • deer food plots
  • lion food plots
  • giraffe food plots

Which among these is a favorite food of deer?

  • soya
  • corn
  • honey

Who among these people can help you find the right seeds for your food plot?

  • the local gas station attendant
  • the local pharmacist
  • the local agricultural educator

Which among these also sell seeds for food plots?

  • wildlife organizations for particular animals
  • world wildlife fund
  • sierra club

What factor is considered to be most important when building a food plot?

  • budget
  • location
  • population

What is the minimum size required for a food plot?

  • 1200 square feet
  • 600 square feet
  • 300 square feet

What is a good rule of thumb in building food plots as far as land use is concerned?

  • Plant half an acre for about every 20 acres.
  • Plant an acre for about every 10 acres.
  • Plant two acres for about every five acres.

How much land do you need to provide winter cover for animals?

  • 1.5 acres
  • 2.5 acres
  • 4.5 acres

What is the ideal position for a food plot in relation to where the animals live?

  • far away from the natural habitat
  • across the river from the animal habitat
  • parallel to the animal habitat

During what time of the year do deer feel nutritional stress in southern climates?

  • late summer
  • rainy season
  • mid winter

How deep should you dig to take random soil samples from the field for testing?

  • 1 to 2 inches
  • 6 to 8 inches
  • 3 to 5 inches

What does soil testing tell you about the soil?

  • how much corn you can grow
  • how many animals you can feed
  • how much lime and fertilizer you need to add

How much protein do young deer (fawns) normally need?

  • 22% of their diet
  • 16% of their diet
  • 10% of their diet

How much protein do male deer need for their antlers to develop properly?

  • 6-12% of their diet
  • 13-16% of their diet
  • 18-24% of their diet