The Ultimate Formica Quiz
by Staff
You or someone you know probably have Formica in your bathroom or kitchen. Are you interested to know more about this widespread material? By taking this quiz you can see what you know about how Formica was created and how to repair your Formica countertops.

When was Formica invented?

  • 1913
  • 1923
  • 1933

What was Formica made to replace?

  • plastic
  • wood
  • mica

Which famous ship used laminates from Formica?

  • the Titanic
  • the Queen Mary
  • the Queen Elizabeth

How did Formica contribute to the war effort during World War II?

  • building bombs
  • lining planes
  • building war shelters

What is Formica made from?

  • metal
  • plastic
  • paper

What is the paper soaked in?

  • resin
  • liquid crystal
  • detergent

What is the maximum pressure applied to the stacks of resin-soaked paper to bond them together?

  • 200 pounds per square inch
  • 800 pounds per square inch
  • 1,500 pounds per square inch

What is done to the laminate to allow it to be easily glued?

  • It is smoothed.
  • It is sanded.
  • Groves are made in it.

What is laminate repair paste used for?

  • repairing cracks
  • repairing chips
  • repairing holes

What should you use to clean the countertop before doing repairs?

  • ammonia
  • methylated spirits
  • eucalyptus oil

What is the problem with using countertop polish?

  • It is dangerous to inhale.
  • It doesn't last long.
  • It is difficult apply.

What is contact cement used for?

  • gluing cracks together
  • repairing chips
  • reapplying peeling laminate

When repainting Formica, what factors affect how long the process will take?

  • how much countertop you have
  • whether you use creative artwork
  • both of the above

After cleaning and sanding your counter, what else do you need to do before painting the countertop?

  • Apply a primer.
  • Wait 24 hours.
  • Apply a topcoat.

What is the problem with repainting a Formica countertop?

  • It is a complicated process.
  • It will be less durable than before.
  • It is expensive.