The Ultimate Best Frequent Flyer Programs Quiz
by Staff
Make the most of airline travel by accumulating and using frequent flyer points. Decide what benefits are important for you and look for a program that is a good fit. Take this quiz to learn more about the best frequent flyer programs.

What perks may be "paid for" using frequent flyer miles?

  • flights
  • rental cars
  • both answers

How may you get more bang for your buck with frequent flyer miles?

  • Use one program.
  • Use many programs.
  • neither answer

When did airlines start offering frequent flyer programs?

  • 1970s
  • 1980s
  • 1990s

What was the financial expectation for frequent flyer programs at their inception?

  • loss leaders
  • break even
  • profit makers

What was the financial reality of frequent flyer programs after the first few years?

  • loss leaders
  • broke even
  • made profit

How did frequent flyer programs expand during the 1980s?

  • hotels
  • car rentals
  • both answers

What happened to airline profits after the September 11 terrorist attacks?

  • Profits dived.
  • Profits increased slightly.
  • Profits increased hugely.

How can you make sure your accumulated miles won't expire?

  • Your account never becomes inactive.
  • Use your frequent flyer account.
  • neither answer

How can you earn frequent flyer points without flying?

  • Link to a credit card.
  • Earn points by flying only.
  • neither answer

What size program will give you greater opportunities to earn frequent flyer points?

  • small
  • medium
  • large

Which is considered to be a large carrier?

  • AirTran
  • Southwest
  • American Airlines

With the SkyMiles frequent flyer program, what is a point redemption option?

  • gift cards
  • upgrades
  • both answers

How can you attain elite status?

  • accrue 10,000 miles
  • accrue 15,000 miles
  • accrue 25, 000 miles

What is an automatic upgrade for members of the Delta SkyMiles elite status?

  • upgrade to first class
  • free cocktails
  • unlimited luggage

How can a passenger get access to an exclusive airport lounge?

  • elite frequent flyer membership
  • purchase a yearly pass
  • both answers

Where can you get information about your frequent flyer program?

  • call your frequent flyer program
  • Internet
  • both answers

Where can you get information about credit cards linked to frequent flyer programs?

  • Call the frequent flyer program.
  • Go to the frequent flyer program Web site.
  • both answers

How can I use points to fly with an airline other than the issuing airline?

  • not an option
  • use points to fly with a company on the agreement list
  • neither answer

When should you fly with an airline other than your preferred carrier?

  • Always fly your preferred airline.
  • Fly them when flight schedules are not convenient.
  • neither answer

What is a road warrior?

  • always traveling
  • poor driver
  • angry traveler