The Ultimate Frogs and Warts Quiz
by Staff
There is a popular belief that toads cause warts. Although there is no scientific reason for this, there may be something in the appearance of the toad that gives this idea. Take this quiz and learn more about the toad.

Why did Australia import giant cane toads from Hawaii in 1935?

  • to augment the sparse frog population
  • to combat cane beetles
  • as a tourist attraction

Were they successful?

  • They eradicated the cane beetles.
  • The cane beetles were driven from the fields into residential neighborhoods to become an urban problem.
  • They wreaked havoc instead of eliminating the cane beetles.

By 2008, what was the estimated cane toad population?

  • billions
  • millions
  • hundreds of thousands

Okay, so there are a lot of cane toads. Why is that such a problem?

  • They cause warts.
  • They are poisonous to many animals.
  • Their croaking creates tremendous noise.

Normally in nature every species has a natural predator and so a balance is maintained. Why does this not seem to apply to the cane toads?

  • Their unusual size and speed helps them avoid danger.
  • Potential predators don't know how to deal with these poisonous toads.
  • Predators don't hunt something they are unfamiliar with.

What is the one thing Australians do not have to fear from these toads?

  • disruption of the ecosystem
  • increase in popularity of frogs as pets
  • an outbreak of warts

What started the idea that toads cause warts?

  • First known wart was on the hand of a toad owner.
  • Bumps on their backs resemble warts.
  • Early folk tales described witches with warts using toads for their potions.

If toads don't cause warts what does?

  • human papilloma virus (HPV)
  • human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  • hives

What was one of the bizarre and unfounded cures for warts?

  • application of bird droppings
  • wrapping the warts in fish oil
  • burying a cat at midnight

What else can HPV cause?

  • cervical cancer
  • heart attacks
  • paralysis

How many people in the U.S. are infected with some form of HPV?

  • 10 million
  • 20 million
  • 30 million

What caused the controversy in 2007 regarding the campaign for mandatory inoculation against HPV?

  • severe after effects
  • profits being made by the manufacturers
  • campaign financing from vaccine manufacturer

Following these revelations, what happened?

  • The benefits outweighed the controversy and most states legislated in favor.
  • The campaign faded away.
  • Future campaigns were independently financed.

What threat do warts pose to humans?

  • cancerous
  • cause gangrene
  • no threat just an aesthetic issue

What is one of the more popular forms of wart removal?

  • acetic acid
  • freezing it off
  • ultrasound

So we know toads don't cause warts, but why should you think twice about picking up a toad?

  • It will urinate on you.
  • It could bite you.
  • It may not cause warts but does cause hives.

Are warts contagious?

  • That's just another old wives' tale.
  • Only if they come into contact with an open wound.
  • Warts spread easily and can be passed from one person to another.

Can a blister beetle be of use in the treatment of warts?

  • The secretions of the blister beetle are an antidote to HPV.
  • The extract causes a blister that helps remove the wart.
  • It's just another urban legend.

Getting back to the cane toad, what can you learn from its introduction to Australia?

  • Use smaller frogs.
  • If you introduce an animal, bring along its natural predator.
  • You could disrupt the ecosystem.

Just how big are the cane toads?

  • one pounds (0.45 kilograms)
  • two pounds (0.9 kilograms)
  • three pounds (1.36 kilograms)