The Ultimate Frog Quiz
by Staff
The word frog conjures up different associations in different age groups and cultures, from Kermit or a spell-bound prince to a French delicacy. Take this quiz and relate to these creatures on their own merits.

What is the essential element in the survival of all frogs?

  • reproduction
  • food
  • water

How do frogs begin their lives?

  • jelly-like eggs
  • hard-shelled eggs
  • tadpoles

Into what form do the eggs hatch?

  • baby frogs
  • aquatic tadpoles
  • land-based tadpoles

How do frogs get almost all of their water?

  • through their gills
  • by drinking
  • through their skin

What happens if a frog's skin dries out?

  • It will die.
  • It will become confused and dizzy.
  • It will become aggressive and attack other creatures.

Where do strawberry poison dart frogs lay their eggs?

  • in pools of water
  • on land
  • don't lay eggs

What happens when the eggs hatch?

  • Baby frogs emerge.
  • Just before hatching, the eggs are transferred to pools of water.
  • Mothers carry them to nearby tiny pools of water.

If toads are frogs, are all frogs toads?

  • yes
  • no
  • no way to tell

How long have frogs lived on earth?

  • 200 million years
  • 50 million years
  • one million years

What is the smallest frog?

  • gnome frog at about 10 centimeters
  • blue-nosed frog at about four centimeters
  • gold frog at less than a centimeter

How big is the Goliath frog?

  • 10 inches (25 centimeters)
  • 12.5 inches (32 centimeters)
  • 15 inches (38 centimeters)

Are all frogs green?

  • all frogs are some shade of green
  • if it's not green it's a toad
  • not all

How is a toad different from a frog?

  • Toads walk rather than jump.
  • Toads are multi-colored and not just green.
  • Toads always live further from water.

What is the most defining trait of frogs?

  • their being amphibians
  • their jumping ability
  • lack of tail

What is special about tailed frogs?

  • They can jump higher.
  • They fertilize eggs inside the female's body.
  • Their tales enable them to climb trees.

Is there any similarity between a human skeleton and a frog's skeleton?

  • not really
  • depends totally on species
  • limbs are similar

How do frogs climb trees?

  • jump from branch to branch
  • a sticky substance on their feet
  • long toes

What can help a frog jump?

  • webbed feet
  • powerful pelvic muscles
  • a sliding pelvis

Where are a frog's ears located?

  • behind the eyes
  • don't have ears
  • at the sides of the mouth

Why would a frog need a wide field of view?

  • can't turn its head
  • to spot prey better
  • curiosity