Fun on the Cheap: A Quiz for Frugal Families
by Staff
If you're pinching pennies, you might be cutting back on more expensive playtime pursuits. However, there's no reason to axe all recreation time! Find out how solution-savvy you are with this quiz.

Many families are looking for ways to cut costs. In America as of 2010, what's the lowest average of how much will a family spend each year to support one child?

  • $5,500
  • $8,500
  • $15,000

Public libraries can be a great resource for recreational learning. What sorts of classes might be offered at a public library?

  • The Ultimate Kitchen Challenge: Cooking Up a Killer Souffle
  • Resume Writing: How to Get the Interview
  • Dance Around the World: Every Day We're Shufflin'

Aside from public libraries, where else might you find inexpensive classes offered in your community?

  • community centers
  • craft and hardware stores
  • all of the above

Museums can be good options for a family looking for an inexpensive outing. In the United States, what is the average cost of admission to a museum?

  • $8
  • $12
  • None -- trick question!

What kinds of exhibits might you find at a museum?

  • a life-sized replica of the night sky
  • old military uniforms and fighter planes
  • current bestselling books

Your local YMCA is a great and inexpensive option for families who want to get fit while learning about healthy living practices. What does the acronym YMCA stand for?

  • Youth Missing Creative Activity
  • Young Men's Christian Association
  • Yogurt Makes Children Affable

Improving fitness is a great project for famillies on a budget. Which of the following might allow families access to lower costs when joining a gym?

  • Donate old fitness equipment in exchange for a discount on membership.
  • Bribe membership associates with cookies. Everyone likes cookies, right?
  • Ask about a family plan or any other special deals the gym might be running.

What's another easy option for families wanting to get in shape on the cheap?

  • Hire a personal trainer to meet with your family once a week.
  • Design a home boot camp tailored to fit your family's interests and activity levels.
  • all of the above

Even on weekends, busy families might find themselves wrapped up in completing projects around the house. What's a good way to get kids excited about helping out?

  • Give kids easy tasks to take ownership of during a project.
  • Threaten to take away dessert privileges until they pitch in with a project.
  • An essay on the importance of helping around the house is clearly in order!

When tackling a DIY project around the house, which of the following is a good first step to take before beginning?

  • Buy all supplies immediately so that you're prepared to begin.
  • Start demolition on any necessary areas.
  • Research the best way to complete your project using resources like library books, online tutorials and classes that might be offered in your community.

Exploring nature is a fun and inexpensive activity for families. Before you set out on a nature walk, what's a good way to prepare?

  • Check out a hiking directory that details hikes in your area.
  • Pack up a full four-course meal. You'll need sustenance!
  • Make sure you have open-toed shoes in case it's a hot day.

What are some features that an online hiking directory might offer?

  • GPS tracking
  • photos and reviews from other hikers
  • all of the above

What are some handy items to take along on a hike or nature walk?

  • dense, nutrient-rich foods like granola bars and trail mix
  • a first-aid kit and water bottles
  • all of the above

Movies can be an expensive outing for a family, but they're hard to give up. What options do frugal families have at the cinema?

  • View bootleg copies of feature films online.
  • Choose matinees instead of evening showings.
  • Sneak in. No one will notice!

Book clubs are a great way to combine fun and learning without spending too much money. Where could a frugal family find a book club to accord with their interests?

  • at a bookstore or library
  • by contacting the publishers of their favorite books directly
  • all of the above

Going to the theater can be a great experience for kids, but it can also be very expensive. What's a good cost-cutting solution?

  • Check out local theater in your area.
  • Contact theaters for information on discount or group-rate tickets.
  • all of the above

If you really don't want to leave the house, you're not out of options. How can frugal homebodies still stay entertained?

  • Go old-school with board games like chess, checkers or Monopoly.
  • Two words: pizza party!
  • Buy a new video game console and plenty of games to keep the family entertained for hours.

Sometimes, there's just no way to get around spending money. Which of the following can help ease the blow to your wallet?

  • Look for gently used items instead of buying new.
  • Seek out manufacturer or vendor coupons through newspaper ads and e-mail lists.
  • all of the above

Daily deal sites like and can help frugal families save big bucks on activities. What's one catch to be aware of?

  • Quick turnaround -- gift certificates usually expire within a week of purchase.
  • The discounts are good, but they're usually only offered for hard-to-find or highly specialized establishments.
  • A certain number of people have to purchase the discounted offer for it to apply.

Bartering is a good option for families that are long on goods and services but short on cash. Which of the following is the cheapest bartering option?

  • Barter through an established service that can get you in touch with a wide variety of other interested parties.
  • Barter informally with friends and neighbors.
  • Both are equally inexpensive.