Can you penny pinch and still have fun? Frugal Living Quiz
by Staff
Trying to get through life on a budget? Need tips to save money? Learn how to have fun without breaking the bank!

This online deal site rivals Groupon for daily deals at local merchants.

  • SuperDeals
  • Living Social

What TV show is dedicated to shoppers who use vast amounts of coupons to pay almost nothing for products?

  • Extreme Couponing
  • Couponbusters
  • Crazy Deals

This online streaming video service offers access to hundreds of movies and TV shows for only $80 per year.

  • Netflix Instant
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video
  • VUDU

True or false: You can save money by unplugging your electronics, even when they're not in use.

  • true
  • false

Roughly how much longer do compact fluorescent bulbs last versus incandescent bulbs?

  • 3 times
  • 7 times
  • 10 times

Looking to buy basic staples like toilet paper and condiments? Follow this rule:

  • Always buy the cheapest products.
  • Always buy the most expensive products.
  • Shop in bulk.

Compact fluorescent bulbs use about this much energy compared to typical incandescent bulbs.

  • 25 percent
  • 50 percent
  • 75 percent

Even when you're not buying in bulk, this statistic displayed in grocery stores can help you save money.

  • brand
  • UPC
  • price per weight

If you regularly drive significant distances to work, try doing this to save gas money.

  • biking
  • carpooling
  • walking

What online retailer regularly has "Gold Box" sales with heavily discounted products?


Thinking about dropping your phone line? This popular VoIP service could serve as a cheap replacement.

  • Skype
  • Windows Live
  • AIM

Coupon fans and deal seekers congregate at this online forum to talk about big deals.


Buying things without planning ahead can end up being a big waste of money. What do we often call these purchases?

  • impulse purchases
  • no-brainer purchases
  • accidental purchases

Have plenty of space in the backyard? This hobby could save big money on food costs.

  • jogging
  • irrigating
  • gardening

What popular furniture retailer's products are often used in do-it-yourself "hacks" and projects to make cool and cheap household objects?

  • Rooms to Go
  • Ikea
  • Pulaski

To avoid wasting money with credit cards, this is one rule everyone should follow.

  • Pay the full balance every month.
  • Pay one credit card bill with another credit card.
  • Only spend $1000 per month with a credit card.

A membership to one of these organizations can help you save money by buying in bulk.

  • Costco or Sam's Club
  • Blockbuster
  • Amazon

Like going to concerts? This trick can help you save tons of money on tickets.

  • Buy your tickets early.
  • Buy the worst seats.
  • Buy tickets at the venue.

Looking for interesting clothes that aren't too expenisve? Try one of these for bargain prices.

  • thrift stores
  • malls
  • shopping sites

Find your self discipline a little lacking when it comes to saving money? Use on of these to help you out:

  • wallet guard
  • nagging alerts
  • free budget app