The Ultimate Fun Fixes for Problems Quiz
by Staff
Magnetic paint and chalkboard paint are just two of the many ideas you can implement in your home for fun ways to solve everyday hassles. But to really avoid hassle, take this quiz on fun fixes for everyday problems.

Your kids are so creative, they want to paint the town red. What can you provide in your own home to keep them off the walls?

  • a homemade chalk board
  • a 75-foot (25-meter) blank mural for painting on
  • plastic sheeting over the walls so they can paint without harming the walls

How can you stick artwork on your walls without using scotch tape and the like?

  • by using thumb tacks
  • you can't -- scotch tape is the only method
  • by using magnetic paint

Are you limited with color if you use magnetic paint?

  • No, any color is fine.
  • Yes, you must stick to greens and blues only.
  • Yes. In fact, magnetic paint only goes with whites and creams.

In a bedroom, how can you hang pictures on magnetic paint?

  • with magnetic paper or regular magnets
  • using magnetized hessian
  • using magnetic paint solvent

What is the advantage of using magnetic paint in a bedroom?

  • It saves money.
  • It's decorative and fun.
  • It gives a light scent to the walls.

If you put chalkboard paint on your wall, what do you get?

  • a classroom look
  • a ruined wall
  • a blank "canvas" for chalk drawings

What do you do if you want to frame your wall-size chalkboard?

  • Nail on a wooden frame.
  • Take it to the framer's.
  • Paint a border around it.

Why would you use chalkboard paint in a kitchen?

  • to make a bulletin board
  • to change the color of the stove top
  • to use up excess chalkboard paint from painting your hallway

What's the best way to keep your home chalkboard clean?

  • Rub it with turpentine.
  • Wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Scrub it with a scouring agent.

How do you organize a family chalkboard that is easily concealed?

  • Stow it under your dining room table so it won't be seen by non-family members.
  • Keep a cloth covering handy whenever you want to conceal it from prying eyes.
  • Paint the inside of your pantry with chalkboard paint and you can always close the door.