The Ultimate Fur Quiz
by Staff
There has been a debate for years about the use of animal fur for garments. Without taking sides, let's look at the facts. Take this quiz to learn more about this subject.

What is fur?

  • Animal skins that have been processed to make garments.
  • It is a synthetic fiber that resembles animal hair.
  • It is the hair on the skin of certain mammals.

What purpose does the fur of an animal serve?

  • It keeps the animal warm
  • Provides a source of camouflage for the animal.
  • It's just a form of decoration.

How can you tell a good quality fur?

  • Check the label.
  • It is luminous, uniform in color and texture.
  • It should be supple and soft.

What is required by law regarding labeling a fur?

  • name of animal, country of origin, added coloring
  • colors used and purpose of garment
  • statement that it is not a protected species

When is the best fur taken?

  • Before the animal is killed.
  • Best time is during the winter.
  • After the animal reaches maturity.

Which of these countries is the chief exporter of furs?

  • Australia
  • Scandinavian countries
  • India

Where do the pelts for the fur trade come from?

  • fur-breeders
  • hunters
  • wildlife societies

What are the most important trapping areas in the United States?

  • New York and New Jersey
  • Alabama and Georgia
  • Alaska and Louisiana

What is the source of most of the furs in the United States fur industry?

  • trappers
  • fur farms
  • meat industry

Is there any regulation of the trapping trade?

  • Trappers just have to have a permit.
  • No regulation is required - most of the trapped animals are nuisances.
  • It is closely regulated.

How does a fur farm operate?

  • Animals selected for pelts are placed in individual enclosures and fed a balanced diet.
  • Animals roam freely and feed on whatever they can find.
  • Animals are placed in small groups and fed corn.

How do fur farmers usually sell their pelts?

  • eBay
  • auction
  • local country stores

Where do trappers usually sell their pelts?

  • auction
  • manufacturers
  • dealers

How difficult is it to get a permit to trap bears?

  • Trade in bear furs is prohibited.
  • Bears can only be trapped during a short period during hunting season.
  • Permits are extremely expensive.

What do animal-rights advocates demand?

  • more humane farming
  • oppose any use of fur
  • limited use of furs

How are pelts preserved?

  • soaked in potash alum
  • coated with fish oil
  • stretched and dried

What does soaking in saltwater do?

  • Removes bits of fat sticking to the skin.
  • Softens skin and stops bacteria.
  • Makes skin opaque.

How are the pelts softened?

  • After being rubbed with an oil compound they are beaten in a kicker.
  • They are rinsed with ammonia alum and coated with cod-liver oil.
  • They are soaked in sodium carbonate and oil.

Why are furs usually dyed?

  • legal requirement
  • to eliminate residual smell
  • to match other skins or to resemble more expensive furs

What do furriers recommend to preserve the appearance of the fur?

  • dry cleaning
  • wetting and ironing
  • coating with a special oil spray