The Ultimate Furnishing a Small Space Quiz
by Staff
Concern for our environment, escalating energy costs and the cost of living helped you arrive at the decision to downsize your living space. Now that you have a smaller home or even if you have decided to remain where you are, you want to make your space feel bigger. Do you know how to make the necessary changes? Take our quiz and find out now.

What is a major factor contributing to a trend of building smaller homes?

  • global warming
  • the recession
  • cost of living

What is one of the secrets for taking advantage of a smaller space and giving it a feeling of size?

  • You will need to use more lamps and light fixtures to give a room the perception of space.
  • You will need to take advantage of room expanding decorating secrets.
  • You will want to minimize the amount of furniture in your rooms.

What is one of the big challenges that you may face if you downsize your living space?

  • moving your furniture into smaller living quarters
  • helping family members adapt to smaller rooms
  • finding spots for all your accessories and treasures

What can you do that has a significant impact on making a small place feel like home?

  • adapting wants and needs to suit space
  • selecting basic comfort over size
  • color, light and scale

With growing emphasis on comfort and style without excess, what has changed?

  • Many modern pieces of furniture are designed to serve multiple purposes.
  • Furnishing a room with big style has never looked so small.
  • Furniture is trending to lush padding for upholstery on small narrow frames.

What is a general rule that a designer will advise you to follow when painting a small room?

  • Express yourself, use bold colors.
  • Lighter colors expand a space.
  • Make the ceiling one shade darker than white.

What is an often-overlooked painting trick that will add some color to a small room without making it appear smaller?

  • Install molding part way up the wall and paint the bottom part a bright pastel color.
  • Paint the baseboards and trim in a bright bold color instead of the walls.
  • Brighten up a light color room by painting the door a bold bright color.

What is a good trick to make a room painted a lighter color seem even bigger than it already does?

  • You can paint the entryway or hallway a few shades darker than the main room.
  • You can paint the ceiling a few shades darker than the walls to give a feeling of height and space.
  • You can hang mirrors on the wall that is opposite to the entrance to the room.

What is a good way to visually raise a low ceiling and create a focal point as well?

  • You can add accent lighting on the walls that is designed to focus light toward the ceiling.
  • You can add decorative molding between the ceiling and the walls and paint it a glossy white.
  • You can hang curtains or sheers with vertical stripes on the windows.

Selecting subtle colors in the correct shade to paint a room can:

  • appear to expand the space
  • help to set a desired mood
  • appear to shrink furnishings

In a small space, what is your goal when you add furnishings and accessories?

  • striking contrasts
  • balance
  • sublimity

The impact on a person that is achieved with good overall room design is usually considered:

  • concentrated
  • impressive
  • demonstrative

Well-designed decorating will usually:

  • Serve to impress.
  • Show off your savoir fare.
  • Fool the eye.

What is the best way to integrate a bed with its surroundings?

  • Make sure that a bed has a dark color headboard when it is placed in a light color room.
  • Place the bed with the headboard against a wall that does not have windows.
  • Make sure a bed blends in with your walls and carpet.

What is a good furnishing trick to help a living room appear larger and uncluttered?

  • Choose light colored upholstery.
  • Choose glass-topped tables.
  • Choose wicker furniture.

What is a good choice for chair and sofa design that will give a perception of more space in your living room?

  • chairs and sofas with exposed wooden legs
  • wicker furnishings with light colored cushions
  • chairs and sofas that are skirted to hide legs

Solid wooden tables tend to look smaller when they are:

  • painted white instead of stained
  • made from dark color wood like mahogany and cherry
  • made from light color wood like beech and pine

What is the best decorating strategy when you can see one room from another room?

  • You should paint or paper one room several shades lighter or darker.
  • You should try to match the colors of the two rooms.
  • Try to find a decorative way to obscure the view of the other room.

What can you do about the long lies and sharp angles for which small rooms are notorious?

  • Soften lines and angles by adding curves.
  • Soften lines by mixing round and oval pillows on couches and chairs.
  • Soften lines by picking tables and bookshelves with rounded corners.

What can you do about the fact that small living spaces naturally mean less storage space?

  • Experts say that now is the time to inventory and discard unnecessary items.
  • Experts say that you should store seasonal items in the basement or garage.
  • Even small homes have a space in the rafters that can be used to store items that are seldom required.