The Ultimate Furniture Fundamentals Quiz
by Staff
There's no need to tear your hair out when it comes to improving your home décor. It can be enlightening, fun, stylish and not-too-taxing on the pocket if you invest a little energy in finding out about furniture. Find out if you know what there is to know out about furniture fundamentals with this fun quiz.

Which of these is one of the most important aspects of your home décor?

  • the paintwork
  • the furniture
  • the flooring

What is an advantage of window shopping?

  • You get to explore your taste in furnishings.
  • You can buy better quality windows.
  • You don't have to deal with salesmen.

Knowing your taste in furniture means that you needn't:

  • buy everything
  • wander through every possible furniture store
  • look any further than your area

When purchasing furniture, what should you look out for?

  • low-cost furniture that meets your needs
  • the sales
  • sturdy, well-made, quality construction

How does solid oak compare with particleboard?

  • Oak is durable, whereas particleboard is cheap.
  • Oak is darker, whereas particleboard has a finer texture.
  • Oak is more expensive, whereas particleboard is better quality.

What can you do with a fine sofa when styles or fashions change?

  • Cover it with a chintz throw.
  • Not much -- you're stuck with what you have.
  • R.-cover it

In keeping with the latest fashion trends, it's better to furnish with larger items, but:

  • not in the dining area
  • fewer of them
  • better quality ones

Which of these would best be able to advise you regarding your home furnishings?

  • a textile specialist
  • your best friend
  • an interior designer

What is thought to blend in with almost any décor?

  • wrought-iron table- and chair-legs
  • wicker furniture
  • antiques

To what extent can you experiment with color in your home furnishings?

  • Be very sparing with colors. Keep the variety down to a minimum.
  • Don't be shy at all. If you like a color, go for it.
  • Steer clear of the pitfalls of color. For safety, choose pastels.