Name That 'Futurama' Robot
by Staff
If you're a big fan of "Futurama," you love Bender and his robot compadres. Grease your gears, and get ready to take this quiz on the automatons of the beloved series!

Who is the alcohol-guzzling, insubordinate robot who befriends Fry?

  • Robot Santa Claus
  • Bender Devil
  • Bender Bending Rodriquez

Who is the male star of the robot soap opera "All My Circuits"?

  • Thespo-Mat
  • Calculon
  • Big Caboose

Who is the deranged, murderous robot who goes on a Christmas Eve rampage?

  • Destructor
  • Robot Santa Claus
  • Nannybot 1.0

Who tries to trade Bender an army of the damned in exchange for Bender's first-born son?

  • Helper
  • Cartridge Unit
  • Robot Devil

Which robot lounges on a couch, eats grapes and giggles?

  • Hedonismbot
  • Tinny Tim
  • Fender

Which robot was designed to replace human mothers?

  • Monique
  • Nannybot 1.0
  • Robot Gypsy

Who are the rulers of planet Chapek 9?

  • the Robot Elders
  • the Computer Judges
  • the Billionaire Bots

Who is the cute little orphan robot who uses a crutch?

  • Tinny Tim
  • Donbot
  • Clamps

Which of the following is a pet for robots?

  • Robo-bunny
  • Robo-puppy
  • Robo-gerbil

Which robot thug always seems eager to hurt someone?

  • Vladimir
  • iHawk
  • Clamps

Who is the female actress on "All My Circuits"?

  • Countess de la Roca
  • Monique
  • Angle-ine

What female robot lives on the moon and moves on tracks?

  • the Crushinator
  • Daisy-Mae 128K
  • Lulubelle 7

Who is the head of the Robot Mafia?

  • Flexo
  • Joey Mousepad
  • Donbot

Who worked with Harold Zoid on a movie?

  • Paco
  • Calculon
  • Fanny

What robot is identical to Bender, except that he has a goatee?

  • Billy West
  • Flexo
  • Robot 1-X

Which robot owns a car dealership?

  • Robot Robin Hood
  • Roberto
  • Malfunctioning Eddie

What outdated robot has his vocabulary on tapes?

  • Cartridge Unit
  • the Chain Smoker
  • Rusty

What robot is a giant pine-scented air purifier?

  • Cylon
  • Wendy
  • Robot 1-X

What robot does stand-up comedy?

  • Humorbot 5.0
  • Femputer
  • Fatbot

Who makes deliveries of poorly designed Swedish products?

  • Gammabot
  • πkea Robot
  • Jezabel

What robot was designed to be criminally insane?

  • Frankie
  • Roberto
  • Norm

Which robot is a police officer?

  • Lisa
  • Leelabot
  • URL

Which obsolete robot is named after an early PC?

  • Sinclair 2K
  • Lynn
  • Fabricio

Which robot is a former champion in Ultimate Robot Fighting?

  • the Master of the Hunt
  • the Masked Unit
  • Vaxtron

Which robot is envisioned as a more cheerful replacement for Bender?

  • Bella
  • Ben Rodriguez
  • Helper

Which robot is wealthy and lives in a castle?

  • Vladimir
  • Trumpbot
  • Betabot

Which robot gives people wigs if they are bald?

  • Gorgeous Gonks
  • Hair Robot
  • Parts Hilton

Which robot is a medic in the army?

  • Zagtar
  • Ab-Bot
  • iHawk

Which of the following is a rich, elegant fembot who fell in love with Bender?

  • Countess de la Roca
  • Heiress 4.0
  • Duchessbot

Which robot actor communicates only by beeping?

  • Bev
  • Calculon
  • Boxy Robot