No One Here Gets Out Alive: The 'Game of Thrones' Character Deaths Quiz
by Staff
When you play the "Game of Thrones," you win or you die, and there's been a lot more dying than winning on the hit HBO series. Can you remember how characters met their end? Take this quiz to find out.

Who does Daenerys' dragons burn to a crisp in the House of the Undying?

  • an unnamed Qarthian assassin
  • Varys
  • Pyat Pree

Whose death leads to the War of the Five Kings?

  • Robert Baratheon
  • Eddard Stark
  • Joffrey Baratheon

What title did Jorah Mormont's father hold when he was killed?

  • steward of the North
  • the king's hand
  • lord commander of the night's watch

What group kills Barristan Selmy?

  • the Stone Men
  • the Night's Watch
  • the Sons of the Harpy

Just before Maester Aemon dies, he hallucinates a conversation with someone named Egg. Who is Egg?

  • his younger brother, Aegon Targaryen
  • the hedge knight Aemon squired for when he was a young man
  • a pet dog he had when he was a boy

Who is blamed for Renly Baratheon's death, despite being innocent?

  • Melisandre
  • Brienne of Tarth
  • Tyrion Lannister

What "treasure" is the instrument of Viserys Targaryen's death?

  • a jeweled sword
  • an iron throne
  • a golden crown

Who kills Ygritte?

  • Jon Snow
  • Olly
  • Tormund Giantsbane

What is the manner of Trystane Martell's death?

  • He falls over the rail of a ship while drunk and drowns.
  • His aunt poisons him.
  • His cousin, Obara, puts a spear through the back of his head.

Where is Tywin Lannister when Tyrion shoots him with a crossbow?

  • on the Iron Throne
  • on the toilet
  • on his famous horse, Gorhelm

Who kills Jojen Reed?

  • the Night's King
  • one of the Children of the Forest
  • a skeleton

Brienne of Tarth kills Stannis Baratheon at what battle?

  • the Battle of Winterfell
  • the Battle of the Green Fork
  • the Battle of the Whispering Wood

Why does Jon Snow kill Qhorin Halfhand?

  • Qhorin dies from injury in an earlier battle, then returns as a wight, forcing Jon to "kill" him again.
  • Qhorin refuses to go along with Jon's plan to recruit wildlings in the war against the White Walkers.
  • Qhorin tells him to do it to make the wildlings trust Jon.

How does Princess Myrcella Baratheon die?

  • dragonfire
  • poison
  • shadow demon

Why is Meryn Trant on Arya's death list (until she murders him in a brothel)?

  • He killed her sword-fighting teacher.
  • He executed her direwolf, Nymeria.
  • He betrayed her family and allowed the Boltons to take Winterfell.

When Melisandre and Stannis sacrifice Stannis' daughter Shireen, two things happen. What are they?

  • The snow melts, and half of Stannis' troops desert him.
  • The rain stops, and Stannis' old war injury heals.
  • A troop of wildlings shows up to join Stannis' army, and he sees a vision of himself riding a dragon.

How does Selyse Baratheon kill herself the night Shireen is sacrificed?

  • She hangs herself.
  • She lays down in a stream and freezes to death.
  • She stabs her eyes out, then cuts her throat.

Robb Stark dies during the Red Wedding, of course, but who delivers the final killing blow?

  • Roose Bolton
  • Walder Frey
  • Sandor Clegane

Who does Catelyn Stark kill during the Red Wedding before she herself is killed?

  • Walder Frey's wife
  • Roose Bolton's bastard son
  • Walder Frey's son

Who sentences Ned Stark to death?

  • Cersei Lannister
  • Joffrey Baratheon
  • Jaime Lannister

How does Craster die?

  • He's poisoned by one of his daughter/wives.
  • He's stabbed to death by Karl Tanner, one of the Night's Watch.
  • He's killed by White Walkers when they attack his keep.

At what event is Joffrey poisoned to death?

  • his annual fawn-skinning party
  • his wedding to Margaery Tyrell
  • his coronation as king of Westeros

How does Lysa Arryn die?

  • She's beaten to death by her son Robin in a fit of childish rage.
  • She's stabbed to death by Sansa.
  • She's pushed through the moon door by Littlefinger, falling to her death.

What is the name of Arya's sword-fighting teacher who is killed by Meryn Trant?

  • Mirri Maz Duur
  • Syrio Forel
  • Sandor Clegane

What is the cause of Khal Drogo's death?

  • Daenerys smothers him to death.
  • He cuts himself trying to look tough, but the wound gets infected and kills him.
  • Another khal challenges him to a horse race, and he is thrown from the horse and dies.

Who kills Sansa's wolf, Lady?

  • Cersei Lannister
  • Ned Stark
  • Janos Slynt

Who kills Ros?

  • Gregor Clegane
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Joffrey Baratheon

Oberyn Martell dies in a trial by combat with Gregor Clegane. How does he die?

  • He slips and falls into a deep pit, breaking his neck.
  • Clegane crushes his skull with his bare hands.
  • He is torn apart by the angry crowd.

How does Tyrion murder Shae?

  • He puts her in dungeons under the Red Keep, where she starves to death.
  • He shoots her with Joffrey's crossbow.
  • He strangles her with the golden chains he had given her earlier as a gift.

Mance Rayder is burned at the stake, but he doesn't die from the fire. How does he die?

  • He survives the fire and is enslaved by Melisandre.
  • Jon Snow shoots him with an arrow to prevent his suffering in the fire.
  • He's killed by White Walkers who attack Castle Black.