The Ultimate Garbage Disposal Quiz
by Staff
Efficient, smooth and clean garbage disposal is the hallmark of any well-run home. Whiz through this squeaky-clean garbage disposal quiz and find out.

What are the main parts of a garbage disposal unit?

  • a silicon compartment with rotating blades
  • a metal cylinder and rotating impellers
  • a heavy-duty plastic tube and odor-neutralizing air holes

Which of these could get lodged in the disposal unit?

  • coin purses and small electronic gadgets
  • newspaper cuttings and sawdust shavings
  • apricot pits, shrimp shells and large bones

What is the safest way to remove jammed items from the disposal unit?

  • Ask help from someone with small hands who can easily reach in to the unit.
  • Disable the power supply and preferably use tongs or tweezers.
  • Wear rubber gloves and gently insert your hand inside.

If the garbage disposal smells, what's a good cure-all?

  • Insert ice cubes and rock salt, then run the disposal for a few seconds under running water.
  • Pour in bleach and turn on the unit.
  • Use lemon oil essence. Put in a few drops, then turn on the unit for 10 seconds.

For good maintenance, you should purge the drain line on a regular basis. What does this involve?

  • Pour a corrosive chemical down the drain to eat away at the debris.
  • Allow the disposal unit to remain idle for 24 hours, allowing all debris to disintegrate and decompose.
  • Turn on the unit, allowing the water to wash away all debris.

Why do some people specifically put citrus peels in their garbage disposal?

  • because they're more readily available than other fruit peels
  • to dispose of them
  • to deodorize their sinks

If you wanted to install a garbage disposal yourself, what kind of circuit breaker would you need?

  • a 120-volt, 20-amp one
  • a powerful one
  • a 220-volt, 60-amp one

Which of the following would be helpful when you install a garbage disposal?

  • garbage scraps for testing, electric drill and small-screwdriver kit
  • a Phillips-head screwdriver, plastic sheeting and superglue
  • plumber's putty, pipe wrench, bucket and rags

How do you install a garbage disposal if you have a dishwasher?

  • You join the drain line with the inlet port at the side of the disposal.
  • You connect the "J" trap with the disposal outlet pipe.
  • You make sure they are placed far from one another so that each can operate with its own piping.

If the disposal has jammed, what might the problem be?

  • There may be vegetable scraps inside the disposal unit.
  • You've used the wrong voltage to wire your disposal unit.
  • There may be objects like bottle caps or silverware that have fallen through the splashguard.

Many brands of garbage disposal come supplied with a wrench. What is the name of this wrench?

  • an Allen wrench
  • a combination wrench
  • a pipe wrench

How do you fix a clogged drain?

  • It's difficult to do by yourself. Your best bet is to call in a professional.
  • Open the "P" trap with a wrench and clean it out.
  • Unscrew the garbage disposal unit and reach in to locate the offending clog. Then simply re-screw into place.

When would you need to press the reset button on the disposal?

  • when it has automatically shut down due to a power overload
  • each time you turn on the unit after a 24-hour break in use
  • whenever it appears to be too full

What could you use to sharpen the rotating blades?

  • ice
  • any organic matter
  • sodium chloride

If your family member has poured grease down the garbage disposal (despite your admonitions against this), what can you do about it?

  • Not much at all. With time, it'll get washed away.
  • Try flushing it through with hot water for several minutes.
  • Pour in a half cup of soap detergent to dilute the grease.

What's the minimum horsepower you need for a garbage disposal motor?

  • two-and-a-half horsepower
  • three horsepower
  • one-half horsepower

What's the relationship between the size of the garbage disposal and the noise it makes?

  • It makes no difference to the noise -- any size unit makes the same low hum sound.
  • The smaller it is, the quieter it is.
  • The bigger it is, the quieter it is.

What brand is considered to be the "Cadillac" of garbage disposals?

  • the Waste King Gourmet series
  • the Anaheim garbage disposal
  • the Viking disposer

What is the Insinkerator brand's selling point?

  • anti-bacterial and anti-smell features
  • high-performance motor, home service warranty and easy installation
  • non-corrosive rotating blades and low cost

In what way is the Viking disposer superior to other models?

  • It washes through any excess food scraps and maintains a fresher system.
  • It has a muffled sound due to its patented insulation system.
  • It performs high-speed garbage disposal.