Quiz: Garden level or dungeon?
by Staff
When deciding whether to buy or rent a garden-level apartment, the main concern is whether it will feel like a dungeon. Take this quiz to find out more about these small but charming spaces!

How is a "garden-level apartment" defined?

  • It's any apartment facing a communal garden.
  • It's a dwelling below ground level with a private entrance.
  • It's an apartment between the first story and basement, with window height generally at street level.

How is a "finished basement" defined?

  • It has separate entry, washroom facilities and access to heating and air conditioning.
  • It's similar to any other bedroom or living space in the home.
  • It just needs to have electricity and water.

How is an "unfinished basement" defined?

  • It has cement floors and studded walls, with no electric or water fixtures.
  • It doesn't contribute to the overall square footage measurements of the house.
  • It provides storage and use for basic utilities: water heater, laundry, etc.

How is a "garden apartment" defined?

  • Garden apartments are one-story dwellings around a common area.
  • It's an apartment between the first story and the basement.
  • It's any dwelling below ground level with separate access.

What's the usual soundproofing situation above a garden-level or basement apartment?

  • Due to flooring insulation, floors below the first story generally have better soundproofing.
  • The ceiling above a basement or garden-level apartment traditionally isn't well-insulated.
  • The levels between the floors are insulated similarly without regard to story.

A home with 2,000 square feet of "Heated Living Area" (HLA) defines which of these?

  • a house with 1,000 square feet on the main floor and another 1,000 in a finished basement
  • a single-floor home of 2,000 total square feet
  • both of the above

A garden-level apartment can be:

  • cheaper to insure, but taxed at a higher rate due to possible income
  • more expensive to insure because of its surroundings, but can carry lower taxes because of the multifamily possibilities
  • equally expensive for insurance and tax purposes

In 1993, what was the average size of an American home in square feet?

  • 1,875 square feet
  • 3,995 square feet
  • 2,125 square feet