The Ultimate Garden Party Quiz
by Staff
These spring garden party ideas will make you want to celebrate. Take this quiz and find out how many spring garden party ideas you can use.

How can you personalize a readymade invitation so it will set the tone for a spring garden party?

  • Dark ink will suggest spring.
  • Sprinkle some dried flowers or herbs inside the invitation.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon inside the card.

How could a terra-cotta pot be used as a garden party invitation?

  • Paint the party information right on the pot.
  • Plant a flower in the pot and hand deliver your party invitation.
  • Both answers together make a really creative invitation.

Which party favor is the best choice to send your guests home with a bit of spring?

  • seed packets
  • fall pumpkins
  • leftover food

A festive way to decorate your garden is with inexpensive spring-colored birdhouses. When the party is over, what is a good use for the birdhouses?

  • Use the birdhouses as party favors.
  • Toss them with the rest of the party garbage.
  • Turn the birdhouses into mulch.

If you are hosting a casual garden party, what type of table setting should you use?

  • paper and plastic
  • china and crystal
  • Thanksgiving turkey dishes

If your garden party is a white tablecloth affair with fancy dress code, how should you set the tables?

  • china and crystal
  • paper and plastic
  • Christmas dishes

How can you use your homegrown fruits and vegetables to decorate the tables at your garden party?

  • Use your garden's yield to make beautiful table centerpieces.
  • Use fruits or vegetables to act as place card holders.
  • Both are great ideas.

What is a budget-minded alternative to a fully stocked bar?

  • Forget the budget and drink champagne.
  • Serve a themed cocktail.
  • Serve only non-alcoholic drinks.

What is a good cold soup to serve at a spring garden party?

  • gazpacho
  • split pea
  • clam chowder

What fun lawn game is played with a birdie?

  • badminton
  • tennis
  • golf

What lawn game was developed in Italy?

  • bocce
  • croquet
  • horseshoes

If you host your garden party in a public park, what should you do before you bring out the beer?

  • Tell your guests to be discreet with their drinking.
  • Verify that alcohol is permitted.
  • Pass out beverage coolers to disguise the beer bottles.

If you don't have a garden, what other outdoor locations are suitable party places?

  • beach, park or deck
  • backyard, front yard or balcony
  • all of the above

You will want to coordinate the party attire with the menu. What type of clothing is suitable for a casual burger meal?

  • Casual food calls for casual clothing.
  • A fancy dress will be lovely.
  • Stiletto heels are great for a party.

Don't forget to arrange music at your garden party. For a casual BBQ, what is a good music choice?

  • rock
  • chamber music
  • show tunes

If the party invite says to RSVP, do I need to tell the host that I will be attending?

  • You should reply one day before the event.
  • You do not need to reply since you will be attending.
  • You should reply shortly after receiving the invitation.

What do I do if it rains on my party day?

  • You should have a backup plan.
  • You can reschedule the event.
  • Both answers are acceptable solutions.

If your party is at night, a fire pit can create great lighting and be used to make what desert?

  • s'mores
  • roasted hot dogs
  • ice cream sundaes

Grilling burgers is popular for garden parties. What temperature is recommended for safely grilling ground beef?

  • 140 degrees F
  • 155 degrees F
  • 165 degrees F

Which Christmas decoration would be useful for an evening garden party?

  • twinkling lights
  • wreaths
  • ornaments