The Ultimate Gem Hunting Quiz
by Staff
Did you know there are still places where you can pan for gold and hunt for gems? The Gold Rush might have ended many years ago, but people still travel to the Western states to try their luck. Some people have actually made quite a bit of money doing it, and the hunt can be a lot of fun. Take our quiz to learn about hunting for gems and gold.

Where is Crater of Diamonds National Park?

  • Arkansas
  • Kansas
  • Missouri

What did Marvin Culver name his extraordinary find?

  • The Culver Catch
  • The Marvin Marvel
  • The Okie Dokie Diamond

How large was the Okie Dokie Diamond?

  • .421 carats
  • 4.21 carats
  • 42.1 carats

What do you call it when you have to pay money for permission to hunt for gems?

  • fee dig
  • fee hunt
  • fee search

What do you call it when you hunt for gems on private property without permission?

  • gem poaching
  • rocking
  • trespassing

What power magnifying lens should you take with you when you hunt for gems?

  • 3x
  • 10x
  • 25x

What is the term usually used when searching for gold?

  • hunting
  • panning
  • digging

Why do people shake pans full of water and rocks to look for gold?

  • Gold is heavier than water, and will collect at the bottom of the pan.
  • The process polishes the gold.
  • When you shake the pan you can hear the distinct sound that gold produces.

Where are diamonds formed?

  • deep within the earth
  • underwater
  • in volcanoes

The deposits of rock and soil found along riverbanks are called what?

  • alluvial deposits
  • bank deposits
  • mineral deposits

Which of these statements best describes a gem hunter's hammer?

  • The hammer used by gem hunters has two round heads.
  • The hammer used by gem hunters has a chisel at either end.
  • The hammer used by gem hunters has a flat head on one side and a chisel of the other.

What is the point of wearing goggles during a gem find?

  • Gem-hunting goggles help you see the distinct color of particular gems.
  • Gem-hunting goggles protect your eyes from flying pieces of rock.
  • Gem-hunting goggles make you look like you know what you're doing.

In which part of the U.S. is it still possible to stake a claim?

  • the Western U.S.
  • the Florida Keys
  • Alaska

What do you call someone who cuts and polishes gems?

  • lapidary
  • lipidary
  • luminary

Why do lapidaries cut certain gems into cabochons?

  • to hide flaws
  • to increase sparkle
  • to fit into specific ring settings

What sorts of gems are most often cut into cabochons?

  • diamonds
  • opaque gems
  • clear gems

Why do lapidaries cut facets into gems?

  • to hide flaws
  • to increase shine
  • to remove blotches

What sorts of gems are usually faceted?

  • diamonds
  • emeralds
  • any clear gem

How much more valuable is a professionally cut stone than one cut by an amateur?

  • two times as valuable
  • three times as valuable
  • four times as valuable

What should you do if you find a particularly large gem specimen?

  • Have a specialist sculpt them.
  • Throw them away because large gems have no value.
  • Cut them into a bunch of small gems.