The Ultimate Geocaching Quiz
by Staff
Do you remember the scavenger hunts you went on when you were a kid? The modern version, called geocaching, is a lot more intense and a lot more fun as well. The use of technology and the presence of an ever-expanding family of participants has turned geocaching into the game of the future. Take our quiz to learn more about the game that's sweeping the globe: geocaching.

Which of these phrases most accurately describes geocaching?

  • hi-tech treasure hunting
  • a style of cartography
  • environmentally sensitive computer software

What is the main tool of a geocacher?

  • a map
  • a compass
  • a GPS receiver

How would you define Selective Availability?

  • Selective Availability was a type of built-in imperfection in GPS signals.
  • Selective Availability was a marketing strategy that allowed GPS companies to control the number of systems on the market.
  • Selective Availability is a geocaching term that refers to where and when you hide a cache.

Why did the U.S. government institute the practice of Selective Availability?

  • The government wanted to control the cost of GPS systems.
  • The government wanted to ensure that the military had a tactical advantage regarding the use of GPS systems.
  • The government didn't want people running around the country looking for small metal boxes.

How inaccurate could a GPS signal be with Selective Availability?

  • 30 feet
  • 300 feet
  • 3,000 feet

In which year did the government do away with Selective Availability?

  • 2000
  • 2005
  • 2010

How accurate are modern GPS systems?

  • six to 20 millimeters
  • six to 20 inches
  • six to 20 feet

Who was the father of geocaching?

  • David Ulmer
  • Jonathan Strickland
  • Mike Teague

How long did it take the first geocachers to find Ulmer's hidden cache?

  • three hours
  • three days
  • three weeks

Which of these individuals came up with the term geocaching?

  • David Ulmer
  • Jonathan Strickland
  • Mike Stum

Which of these statements best defines a waypoint?

  • The waypoint is the staring location of a hunt.
  • A way point is an important stop along the way to your destination.
  • The waypoint is the destination you seek.

What does WGS84 stand for?

  • World Geodetic System of 1984
  • World Geographic Survey of 1984
  • World Geocaching Society of 1984

What is a hitchhiker cache?

  • an item that is taken from cache to cache
  • an cache that is being carried by a hitchhiker
  • an item that is not supposed to be in a cache

What is the name of the company that runs

  • Garmin
  • Google
  • Groundspeak

What is a travel bug?

  • a person who ruins a geocaching trip
  • a traceable tag on an item in a cache
  • a GPS signal used to find other geocachers

What do geocachers mean when they refer to a spoiler?

  • a piece of information that reveals the location of a cache
  • an inappropriate item left in a cache
  • an individual that ruins the geocaching experience

How do geocachers refer to people who do not participate in their sport?

  • geobore
  • geoclown
  • geomuggle

What does it mean when someone writes FTF in a logbook?

  • first to find
  • frustrating to find
  • failed to find

Which American city used geocaching to promote its King Tut display?

  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington D.C.

Which of these federal agencies has banned geocaching on any area under its control?

  • National Park Service
  • Department of Transportation
  • Customs and Border Protection