The Ultimate Get Rich Quick Quiz
by Staff
Getting rich in your spare time isn't easy. But with the worldwide economy still tanking, making any amount of extra money in your after work hours can't be a bad idea. In this quiz, test your knowledge of money making methods.

According to a study by ACNielsen commissioned by eBay in 2006, how many people worldwide use sales from the auction site as their "primary or secondary" source of income?

  • 1 million
  • 1.3 million
  • 3 million
  • 13 million

Celebrity eBay seller Jack Sheng is famous for reaching which eBay milestone?

  • He was the first seller to make $1 million in profits.
  • He was the first seller to make $1 million in sales.
  • He was the first seller to reach a 1 million positive feedback score.
  • He was the first eBay seller.

An eBay certified "power seller" makes at least how much in sales in one year?

  • $3,000
  • $10,000
  • $50,000
  • $100,000

Several prominent infomercials promising Internet riches have received which grade from the Better Business Bureau?

  • A
  • B
  • D
  • F

In 2007, how many businesses in the United States operated exclusively through electronic or mail-order sales?

  • 77,000
  • 106,065
  • 212,000
  • 510,000

What percentage of unit sales on were made through third-party sellers, according to the company's most recent earnings report?

  • 5 percent
  • 15 percent
  • 21 percent
  • 32 percent

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

  • the process of improving the efficiency of your Web site's search function
  • Google's process of improving the accuracy of search results
  • the process of using keywords in Web site text to increase search engine rankings
  • eBay's process of determining which product listings come first in a given search

Online stores should have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection. What does SSL protection do?

  • it prevents viruses from infecting shoppers' computers
  • it blocks unwanted pop-up windows
  • it encrypts data being sent over an Internet connection
  • it saves customer information in a database

Many online retailers use drop shipping to handle their inventory. What is drop shipping?

  • a method of outsourcing shipping for online sales
  • a method of dropping merchandise safely from an airplane
  • a method of sending merchandise across foreign borders
  • a method of shipping that doesn't require a signature for delivery

Which of the following is NOT a legal responsibility that you take on when you rent out a spare room in your house?

  • following anti-discrimination laws when screening tenants
  • performing background checks on potential tenants
  • keeping your property up to date with the local building codes
  • paying tax on your rental income

How much money can you make by agreeing to cover your car in ads?

  • $400 to 900 per day
  • $400 to 900 per week
  • $400 to 900 per month
  • $400 to 900 per year

True or false: According to the Federal Trade Commission, Amway is a legitimate business model, not a pyramid scheme.

  • TRUE

In what year did the commodity price of gold reach its all-time high?

  • 1970
  • 1999
  • 2001
  • 2010

What proportion of companies are farming out some amount of work to freelancers, according to recent statistics?

  • 1 in 10
  • 5 in 10
  • 9 in 10
  • 10 in 10

True or False: Once you have submitted your resume to a special events staffing firm, you can be picked to work a specific event based on your physical appearance.

  • TRUE

What is a mystery shopper?

  • an eBay shopper whose identity is kept secret
  • a plain clothed police officer working undercover in a department store
  • a paid market researcher who reports on their shopping experiences
  • a slang term for someone who takes the "five finger discount"

Which of the following things do you need to be an eligible sperm donor?

  • a spouse
  • an active sex life
  • a high school diploma
  • a good credit score

True or False: Women who smoke are not eligible to become egg donors.

  • TRUE

Participants in a 90-day NASA bed rest study will lose approximately what percentage of their bodies' total bone mass during a month of the study?

  • 0 percent
  • 1 to 2 percent
  • 5 to 10 percent
  • 25 percent

Which of the following benefits does Starbucks NOT provide to employees working at least 20 hours per week?

  • health insurance coverage
  • paid sick days
  • paid vacation
  • a free pound of coffee each week