The Ultimate Getting Children to Clean Quiz
by Staff
Since one of your parental duties is to teach your kids to be responsible and self sufficient, this includes teaching them to complete chores, right? Of course, there's always the added bonus of some household help. So take our quiz and find out how you can encourage your little ones to lend a hand.

What is the best stage to begin encouraging children to help around the house?

  • infant
  • toddler
  • pre-teen

How can you motivate a male child to help more around the house?

  • Give him a lecture about the feminist revolution and the ills of chauvinism.
  • Offer incentives like a new bike, tool or train set.
  • Have a male member of the family set an example of helping around the house.

What is the best way to teach your children to complete chores?

  • Set a good example yourself.
  • Use positive reinforcement.
  • Give consequences.

How can you relieve the guilt you feel when you insist your kids clean up their rooms before heading out to play?

  • Raid the fridge or pantry.
  • Attend a parenting support group or set of classes.
  • Know that a sense of order and ritual gives kids a feeling of security and stability.

How can you make doing chores more fun?

  • Offer simple rewards like a few chocolate chips after chores are completed.
  • Turn the chores into a game.
  • Invite a friend and they can complete them together.

How can you make chores more easily doable for your kids?

  • Write down the instructions, or draw pictures if they are too young to read.
  • Give them tasks that can be done in a few, short steps.
  • Supervise and step into help if necessary.

What can you do if your children forget to complete their chores?

  • Give them a consequence.
  • Yell and scream.
  • Provide them with a calendar and show them how to plan when they will do their chores.

How many times should you supervise your children completing a chore until they can be left to do it on their own?

  • twice
  • at least three times
  • until you feel confident that they have mastered it

What should you never do when it comes to teaching your children how to do chores?

  • Rely on bribes.
  • Yell in frustration and take over.
  • Have them watch you without participating.

How can you make sure your child will complete a chore properly?

  • Make them come back again and again until they perform it to your satisfaction.
  • Have a checklist of steps they must tick off.
  • Teach them all the steps, just like you taught them to dress themselves.