Ghosts From Around the World Quiz
by Staff
Every locale has its spooky legends, from haunted places to the dearly departed who simply refuse to move on. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of spirits and spooks from around the globe.

In which of these countries are people most likely to fear <i>toyols</i>?

  • Argentina
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa

Which of these results in the birth of a <i>toyol</i>?

  • suicide
  • murder
  • stillbirth

What do <i>toyol</i> keepers feed these creepy creatures?

  • blood
  • milk
  • gold

Where do the Indian ghosts known as <i>skondhokatas</i> prefer to hang out?

  • houses
  • forests
  • trains

Where might you hear tales of <i>strigoi</i>?

  • Romania
  • China
  • Germany

True or false: <i>Strigoi</i> feast on human blood.

  • true
  • false

How do you keep a family member from becoming a <i>strigoi</i>?

  • money
  • whiskey
  • blood sacrifice

What does Japan's "<i>kuchisake-onna</i>" roughly translate to?

  • the headless ghost
  • the lady with no eyes
  • the slit-mouthed woman

What does <i>kuchisake-onna</i> wear over her mouth?

  • scarf
  • fake beard
  • surgical mask

What is the slit-mouthed woman most concerned about?

  • beauty
  • money
  • finding her grave

What county is home to <i>la Llorona</i>?

  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Portugal

What happened to<i> la Llorona</i>'s children?

  • She never had any.
  • They died in a fire.
  • She killed them.

Other than weeping, how does<i> la Llorona</i> spend her ghostly days?

  • stealing food
  • starting fires
  • kidnapping kids

What country is home to the<i> jiang shi </i>spirit?

  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Japan

What does "<i>jiang shi</i>" roughly translate to?

  • sad ghost
  • evil one
  • stiff corpse

True or false: Scandinavian <i>gjenganger</i> look like normal people.

  • true
  • false

How do <i>gjenganger</i> like to kill humans?

  • pinching them
  • cutting them
  • suffocating them

Which of these ghosts can be found on Pemba Island in Tanzania?

  • night stalkers
  • night devils
  • night demons

What animal can night demons transform into?

  • bats
  • wolves
  • spiders

Where are you most likely to run across the <i>Hanako-san</i> ghost in Japan?

  • bridge
  • bathroom
  • farm

What country's residents fear <i>la Pisadeira</i>?

  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Brazil

How does <i>la Pisadeira</i> terrorize her victims?

  • sits on their chest
  • pushes them off of bridges
  • steals their children

Where was John Bell terrorized by Kate Batts in the 19th century?

  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Kentucky

What does the Japanese <i>Shirime</i> ghost have on its backside?

  • a tattoo
  • an ear
  • an eye

What animal's spirit haunts Pond Square in Highgate, England?

  • chicken
  • dog
  • cat

What year was Anne Boleyn killed?

  • 1436
  • 1536
  • 1636

What form does Mexico's <i>la Planchada</i> ghost take?

  • a lion
  • a nurse
  • a guitar player

True or false: Abraham Lincoln's spirit is rumored to linger in the White House.

  • true
  • false

What country gave us the word "poltergeist"?

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • France

What was the traditional form ghosts took in ancient Egypt?

  • bird
  • bat
  • cat