The Ultimate Glass Cleaner vs. Electronics Quiz
by Staff
Have you cleaned your eyeglasses once again, but still find your computer screen blurry? Could be your screen needs cleaning -- but don't just reach for that bottle of window cleaner. Take our quiz to discover the best method for cleaning your laptop screen -- it may be that glass cleaner does more damage than good.

When was glass cleaner a safe product to use on screens?

  • a few decades ago
  • until recently
  • it still is safe

What is the principle ingredient which makes glass cleaner a bad choice for cleaning modern day screens?

  • bleach
  • alcohol
  • ammonia

What damage does glass cleaner do to modern day screens?

  • It corrodes the screen's coating.
  • It cracks and yellows the anti-glare coating on the screen.
  • It creates splotches on the screen.

How can you know if glass cleaner is safe to use on your particular electronic device?

  • Assume that it is not.
  • Read your manufacturer's instructions.
  • Try a small corner and see if it does any damage.

What is the recommended method for cleaning a computer screen?

  • Rubbing with moistened newspaper.
  • Wiping with a slightly dampened soft cloth.
  • Wiping with a wet cloth soaked in baking soda and water.

What should the ratio of a vinegar and water solution for cleaning computer screens be?

  • one part vinegar to one part water
  • one part vinegar to two parts water
  • two parts vinegar to one part water

What should you never use to clean a glass screen?

  • paper towel
  • newspaper
  • baking soda

If using a manufacturer's approved cleaning solution, how should you apply it to your electronic device?

  • Spray it liberally over your computer.
  • Spray it carefully on your screen only.
  • Spray some on a soft cloth.

What are some ingredients you should keep clear of when it comes to cleaning your computer screen?

  • imitation vinegar
  • acetone
  • water

What should you use if a wet cloth doesn't take the grime off your screen?

  • Use a microfiber or optical cloth instead.
  • Use hot water.
  • Rub vigorously.